Arkhona War Report Week 13

This week saw the Eldar maintain their dominance of Arkhona through consistent performance, the Chaos Christmas offensive notwithstanding. Chaos find themselves back where they started, the Orks have made modest gains, and the Loyalists have fallen back considerably. The rankings as of now are: Eldar: 29% Chaos: 26% Orks: 25% Loyalists: 20%


Arkhona War Report Week 12

This week saw the rise of the Eldar to prominent position on Arkhona, with Chaos fighting back from their losses to claim second most control. The Loyalist forces fell from grace, and the Orks may have dipped low midweek but ended with only one less territory than where they started. The rankings are now: Eldar: 27% Chaos: 26% Loyalists: 24% Orks: 23%

Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 11

This week's chart shows how the Loyalists move up and down over the 24 Territory mark, while the Orks spike and decline and the Eldar slowly track upwards. Chaos seems to maintain a fairly level course just below a quarter of the territories. The rankings as of now are: Loyalists: 28% Eldar: 25% Orks: 24% Chaos: 23%

Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 9

Overall, this week continued the decline of the Loyalists, and a small upsurge in both Eldar and Orks, and a levelling off of Chaos. However, the weeks end rebalanced everything to a fairly even state, and the rankings are now as follows: Chaos: 27% Orks: 25% Loyalists: 25% Eldar: 23%

Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 6

Up until the last day, this week saw a convergence of the rankings, with the territories beginning to balance out. Once again, the forces of Chaos maintained their lead, but their margin was narrowing. In the last day, however, the Loyalist forces held back Chaos, pushed back the Eldar, and slammed back the Orks to take the lead with a full third of the territories.

Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 5

This week continued the strong showing from Chaos as they maintained their dominance. They even took control of more than a third of all territories mid-week, mostly from the Loyalist forces. The Orks had a slow decline over most of the week, and the Eldar held steady overall, however, each faction mostly held the same number of territories at the end of the week as they did at the start.

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