Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 3

This is the third week since the war for Arkhona (officially) began, for the dates 10-17 October 2016. Only now is a clear picture of the hostilities becoming apparent.

Also I only thought of doing this at the end of Week 2…and I missed two days, sorry.

In the last week, Loyalist Space Marines made significant territorial gains, only to lose most of them in the final day. Starting in a weak position, they pushed back the Orks and the Eldar, but we unable to hold onto their gains, and were consistently pushed back by the forces of Chaos.

The Green Tide was pushed back on most fronts throughout the week, and failed to capitilise on their offensive against the Eldar, losing most of their gains in that sector. They do however continue to maintain a stranglehold on the territories, controlling nearly a third of the landmass.

The forces of Chaos made a small but solid gain, increasing their holdings by 12.5%, the most of any faction this week. Most of this expansion was at the expense of their most hated foes, the Loyalists, only taking one territory from the Eldar and barely holding back the Orks.

The Eldar fared the worst in this week’s battles, losing nearly 15% of their territory in total. While they managed to blunt the Ork offensive and retake most of their losses, this drew their attention away from the Loyalist and Chaos frontlines, and the Loyalists were able to make their most significant permanent gains here.

By the end of the week, Orks are the dominant faction with Chaos a close second, mostly at the expense of the Loyalists. The Eldar have suffered losses, but still retain nearly a quarter of the territories.


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