Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 4

Week 4 of the War for Arkhona saw a major reversal of fortunes for the Orks and the Loyalist marines. The Orks lost their dominance entirely and now hold the least amount of territories, while the Loyalists made significant gains, although they were once again unable to hold onto all of them. Even so, they hold a quarter of all territories, second only to the Chaos Marines. Meanwhile the Eldar have had a slow decline over the week, but have managed to hold their territory better than the Greenskins. The midweek approached a balanced distribution of territories (i.e. 24 per faction), but the trajectories continued till the end of the week.

The Loyalists began the week in a very weak position, with only 17% of the territories. During the day of the 20th, but before I recorded, LSM pushed the Eldar and CSM back significantly, but were unable to hold such gains, and were pushed back hard by CSM. They continued to have a strong week, pushing back strongly against the Orks. They fared less well against the Eldar: their back and forth gains and losses resulted in only a one territory gain. They made some gains against Chaos, but are still at a deficit.

The Orks suffered the most from this week’s battles. Starting the week as the dominant faction, with nearly a third of all territories, they lost ground to all other factions. The worst losses were against Loyalists, with five territories changing hands by the end of the week, and almost as many losses to Chaos. The Green Tide fared a little better against Eldar, but were slowly pushed back to even.

As mentioned, the Eldar had a slow decline over the week. They lost a small amount of ground to the Loyalists and the Orks, but were heavily pushed back by the forces of Chaos. They rallied in the last day to hold the same number of territories at the start of the week.

Chaos dominated this week. Starting strongly with the second most territories held, they not only held their ground, but pushed outwards to make further gains. Although they lost ground against the Loyalists, they still retain more of that area than the Emperors finest, and wrested control from the Orks and the Eldar. The last few days saw them push back hard against the LSM and the Eldar, and they now hold nearly a third of Arkhona, although the last day saw that lead eaten away at by Orks and Eldar.

At the end of the week, Chaos are the dominant faction, mostly at the cost of the Orks. The Loyalists hold the second largest amount of territories, and the Orks and Eldar are at a deficit with less than a quarter of the territories each. The Orks in particular have suffered heavy losses.


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