Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 10

After last week abysmal performance, the Loyalists stormed back up the charts in the last half of the week, with a consistently good performance in the last half of the week, which I can personally attest to. While they held steady against Chaos, and lost ground against the Xenos initially, by the end of the week they were looking like they were in the lead. Unfortunately for them, they once again lost ground against the Orks and the Eldar, and finished the week in third place.

The Orks have had a mixed week at best, initially holding steady before charging waaghing into the lead midweek against both power armoured foes. They were, however, unable to hold this ground for long, but did manage yet another resurgence on the last day to take up a narrow lead. Interestingly, they held steady against Eldar all week until they took a single territory on the last day.

The Eldar’s fortunes were very similar to the Orks – holding steady at first, with an upwards trend midweek followed by a series of losses to both Loyalists and Chaos. They were unable to rebound like the Orks did, and were pushed back by a single territory by each other faction at weeks end.

Chaos, the poor soul(less), have had a rough time, something else I can personally attest to. At the start of the week, it looked as if they would continue their dominance of Arkhona, but midweek their fortunes changed dramatically, with both the Orks and the Eldar pushing hard into Chaos territory, with similar Loyalist success. They manage to pull back from this decline, however, and their trajectory in the latter half of the week followed the Loyalist’s closely, albeit without the drop on the last day. Although they are no longer in the lead, they have only dropped one rank – but can’t get complacent with the Loyalist forces close on their heels.

This week’s chart shows the rapid changes in all four factions, as they move up and down over the even 24 Territory mark. With no clear trends, the rankings as of now are:

Orks: 27%
Chaos: 26%
Loyalists: 25%
Eldar: 22%


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