Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 11

Loyalists had their ups and downs. A strong offensive against the Eldar at start of the week saw them take the lead briefly, before falling back midweek against all enemy factions. They did however, make a comeback at the end, slowly against the Orks but with a sharp counterattack against the Eldar and the forces of Chaos.

Orks performed strongly all week, peaking on the 8th at a full third of all territories. They suffered a decline against all enemy factions after that, but only in a few cases did any faction push them back beyond even ground. Their territories held was in the positive right up to the end of the week, when Eldar and Loyalists pushed them back by one territory each.

Eldar started weak, but came back strong. They didn’t fare well against LSM, holding them even on the 10th at best, but over the course of the week, they pushed the Orks back strongly to even ground, and held Chaos at bay. Concerted efforts from MYST and WP on the 10th and 12th, including a potentially record estimated 100 Eldar players on the 10th, saw their control of Arkhona steadily improve over the week. Their hold seems fragile, however.

Chaos has another rough week, plummeting to less than a fifth of the held territories at one point. Although they manage to win back some ground, they remain under the 24 territory quarter mark. They fared poorly against all three enemy factions, being pushed back to a negative balance by Orks all week, and by Eldar for most of the week. They performed best against the Loyalist forces, but only managed positive gains for a few days before being pushed back once again.

This week’s chart shows how the Loyalists move up and down over the 24 Territory mark, while the Orks spike and decline and the Eldar slowly track upwards. Chaos seems to maintain a fairly level course just below a quarter of the territories. The rankings as of now are:

Loyalists: 28%
Eldar: 25%
Orks: 24%
Chaos: 23%

I’ve got some new graphs for you too. I’m trying a new type of graph, showing how each faction is performing against its enemies. The vertical axis shows territories held, with 0 being an even 8 each, positive values being territorial gains, and negative being losses.


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