Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 5

This week continued the strong showing from Chaos as they maintained their dominance. They even took control of more than a third of all territories mid-week, mostly from the Loyalist forces. The Orks had a slow decline over most of the week, and the Eldar held steady overall, however, each faction mostly held the same number of territories at the end of the week as they did at the start.

The Loyalist forces began the week holding a quarter of the territories, and ended it with four more territories than they started with. Between the two saw their fortunes wax and wane. They dipped below the quarter mark, but then pushed deep into Ork territory to pull even with Chaos. Although the Orks made a last ditch attempt to regain their territory, they were pushed back once more on the last day.

As mentioned, the Orks suffered a slow bleeding of territories over the week, losing 3 territories by the end of the week. Their midweek performance was only enough to hold ground, but they suffered significant losses to the Loyalists later in the week, smaller losses to Chaos, and only managed to trade territory back and forth with the Eldar. The Orks now hold the least amount of territories.

The Eldar were shaping up for a repeat of last weeks slow decline. Where they lost territory to one faction, they usually gained against another, but still bled territories. Their late week game pushed back all three factions by small amounts, bringing them even with the Loyalists to hold a quarter of the map, but lost ground again on the last day to end the week with two fewer territories than they began with.

Once again, Chaos played a strong game, consistently above the 24 Territory Quarter Mark throughout the week. Strongest in the midweek, they were unable to prevent the Green Tide from retaking their part of the map, but pushed them back once more at the end of the week. The Eldar made most of their gains this week against Chaos, but Chaos gained the upper hand in the end. This, combined with a small Loyalist push, meant that Chaos ended the week with only one more territory, but still clearly in the lead.

At weeks end, Chaos remain the dominant faction, with the other factions in the same ranking as last week: Loyalists, Eldar, then Orks.


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