Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 6

Up until the last day, this week saw a convergence of the rankings, with the territories beginning to balance out. Once again, the forces of Chaos maintained their lead, but their margin was narrowing. In the last day, however, the Loyalist forces held back Chaos, pushed back the Eldar, and slammed back the Orks to take the lead with a full third of the territories.

The Loyalists came down pretty fast from their high last week, losing ground to the Orks, but pushed back the advances of the Eldar and held Chaos to their territory. After losing four territories to the Orks at the start of the week, their performance across the remainder was fairly consistent, until the last day’s almighty push, where they took five territories from the Greenskins, and one each from Chaos and Eldar.

Although the Orks started strongly, taking territories from Loyalists and Chaos, they fell back just as quickly against Chaos. They were more able to retain the territory they took from the Loyalists, but still lost more than they took overall even before the heavy last day losses. Against the Eldar, they fought over a single territory all the week, ultimately losing it to the Eldar. It would seem that not many battles were fought here. In contrast, territories changed hands quickly with the Loyalists. Personally, most of my battles this week were against the Orks.

The Eldar themselves had their ups and downs, but ended with the same number of territories as they started with. Pushing back the Loyalists midweek helped, but the Eldar were not able to hold onto all of their gains. As mentioned above, they slowly lost one territory to the Green Tide, and were also held firmly back by Chaos.

The lead that Chaos has fallen to the Loyalists, but not due to losses directly to them. Once again, Chaos faired well against all factions in general, with few territories changing hands, and only losing one to each of Loyalists and Orks overall.

At the end of the week, the rankings have changed:

Loyalists 33%
Chaos 28%
Eldar 22%
Orks 18%


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