Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 7

Loyalist forces began and ended the week strongly, and in the lead. After dropping territories at the beginning of the week, and losing the lead to Chaos, they held strong throughout it, and although they gave up a total of five territories overall, performed well enough to maintain their presence throughout the week.

The Orks climbed strongly this week, with a delta of 8 territories. Only one other Faction has made such gains in a week so far, the Loyalists in Week 4, who also gained 8. The Greenskins have eclipsed the Eldar to take third place, closing in on Chaos.

The Eldar have once again suffered a slow decline over the week. Although they did make a small gain against the Loyalist forces, and held the forces of Chaos, they steadily lost ground to the Green Tide.

With as many ups and downs as the Loyalists, Chaos has slipped behind them at the end of the week, falling into second place. Surprisingly, it was the Orks that took these territories from them.

Overall, this has been a week of convergence and shifts in fortune. The end of the week is the most even the four factions have been since tracking started, and the rankings are now as follows:

Loyalists: 28%
Chaos: 26%
Orks: 25%
Eldar: 21%


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