Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 8

This week saw Content Patch #1 hit, with the introduction of Grav Weapons for LSM, and the Campaign System 1.0 which let’s you select which faction to battle. This has been an interesting week, so once again missing a day’s data is rather annoying.


The Loyalists had a rocky week, trading territories back and forth with all three other factions. They were on track to maintain a slim second place, but the Orks got ornery and krumped them good right at the end, reversing their fortunes. Given you can now choose your enemy faction, I wonder if this was deliberate, given the Orks made no such against against the other factions. The Loyalists now hold the least amount of territories, equal to the Eldar: 21.

Although they made large gains against the Loyalists on the last day, the Orks gains overall were modest, ending with two more territories than they started the week with. The 5 they took from the Loyalists were offset by losing two to the forces of Chaos, and one to the Eldar. Generally speaking, the Orks appear to be oscillating around the 24 Territory mark, i.e a quarter of the map. It remains to be seen if this is stable.

From a fairly consistently low point, the Eldar have clawed back to just below the quarter mark, mostly at the cost of the Loyalists. They made a very slow single territory gain against the Orks, but heavy losses to Chaos has held them back.

Chaos continues to dominate, and were stable above 28 territories for the second half of the week. Although they started with a deficit to the Orks, they pushed them back over the line, and extended their lead over both the Loyalists and the Eldar.

Overall, this week saw the decline of the Loyalists, and the rise of the Orks and Eldar, while Chaos remained the stable dominant faction. The rankings are now as follows:

Chaos: 29%
Orks: 27%
Eldar: 22%
Loyalists: 22%


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