Retrospective: Arkhona War Report Week 9

The Loyalists have had a rocky week, spending the first half continuing their decline and the second half trading back and forth with all three factions. While they were most successful against Chaos, they were only able to hold them back for most of the week, and lost badly to both Ork and Eldar. They did manage to claw their way back by the end of the week, and currently hold even amounts of territories in their areas of influence.

The Orks have had a good week, largely at the cost of Loyalist held ground. They traded a territory back and forth with the Eldar, and a handful with Chaos, but only once did they push into Chaos’ home ground. All of their dominance was over the Loyalist forces, with one large spike that carried them into the lead for one day. At the final day however, even though they managed to retake two territories from the forces of Chaos, they also lost all of their gains against the Loyalists, and currently hold even amounts of territories, like the Loyalists.

Eldar too, have had a week of mixed fortunes, with a slow rise in held territory in the first half of the week undone by a sudden dip in the second half. Although they consistently intruded in Loyalist territory, they were unable to retain these gains. Chaos was pretty consistently trouncing them, with this match-up being the only Sector with a non-even split at the end of the week.

Finally, Chaos was once again a consistent high performer, though with some mixed results here and there. While they traded back and forth with the Orks, there were fairly even with the Loyalists except for pushing them back hard on the 27th, and walked all over the Eldar to the tune of 2-4 territories for most of the week. They peaked strongly on the 27th, only to lose most of it on the final day, ending only two up against the Eldar.

Overall, this week continued the decline of the Loyalists, and a small upsurge in both Eldar and Orks, and a levelling off of Chaos. However, the weeks end rebalanced everything to a fairly even state, and the rankings are now as follows:

Chaos: 27%
Orks: 25%
Loyalists: 25%
Eldar: 23%


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