Arkhona War Report Week 12

This week, the Loyalists started strongly with large gains against the Orks and holding steady inside Chaos and Eldar territory. Unconfirmed reports of at least one squad of the Praetorian Guard on the field on the 13th contributed to several battles won against the Eldar, but it is unknown how much of an impact this had on that portion of Arkhona. As the week progressed, however, the Emperors finest fell back against all three factions, with their heaviest losses ironically to the Eldar. There were significant losses to both Chaos and Eldar after data was collected on the 18th, but regained some over night. They ended the week at a loss to both Chaos and Eldar, but hold one of the Orks territories.

The Orks had a rough week, starting out at a deficit to both Loyalist and Eldar forces, and falling back against all three up until midweek when they dropped below 20 territories. They rallied strongly against Loyalists for a short while, and pushed back Chaos back heavily to the tune of 4 territories from 17th-18th, but fell back against both power armoured factions. Although they managed to take a single territory from the Eldar on the last day, they were only able to hold their ground against both Loyalist and Chaos forces.

Eldar had a good week for once. They started with a quarter of the territories, and held or increased that every day. Although they were at a deficit to the Loyalist forces most of the week, they rarely lost ground, and pushed them back two territories. They fared less well against both Chaos and Orks, but were generally able to hold them to positive territorial gains. It looks like they were able to hold onto last week’s gains very well.

Chaos had a very mixed week. They never pushed back the Eldar to more than even ground, but managed to push the Loyalists back and forth enough to be mostly positive. Their performance against the Orks was even more varied, swinging from 2 to -2 territories held. At the last, however, they were able to hold back the Orks, and push back against both Loyalists and Eldar to take back second position in the rankings.

This week saw the rise of the Eldar to prominent position on Arkhona, with Chaos fighting back from their losses to claim second most control. The Loyalist forces fell from grace, and the Orks may have dipped low midweek but ended with only one less territory than where they started. The rankings are now:

Eldar: 27%
Chaos: 26%
Loyalists: 24%
Orks: 23%

The overall chart shows a steady climb of both Eldar and Chaos, with the Loyalist forces swinging up and down of recent weeks, and the Orks stabilising at a considerable deficit to the other factions, a severe comedown from their peak only 10 days ago.

Once again, I’ve received no reports of significant guild activity, though I’m certain that’s not due to it not happening. So if you’re running a Guild Op, just drop me a line about it. Before and after screenshots of the map are bonus.


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