Arkhona War Report Week 13

Welcome, Crusaders, to the Christmas edition of the Arkhona War Report! This week sees a major Chaos Offensive, and Eldar holding solid to their lead. I would also like to introduce the next stage of Reports from Arkhona: new Faction Performance metrics, which give me a historically weight single-value measure of how a faction is performing. There is also going to be a Monthly Report, starting early January, in which I will post a retrospective of the last month. So sometime in the first two weeks of the New year, look for my December report to be posted here and on Reports from Arkhona. To that end, to replace the simple poll above, I’ve opened up my December Morale Survey – feel free to fill it in early, or wait out the next week. And now, on with the fun part!

Loyalists started the week with mixed success – at a deficit to Chaos, but trading back and forth with Orks and Eldar.  Things took a significant downturn midweek, starting on the 23rd, when they began losing swathes of territories to both Eldar and Chaos, alongside more modest losses against the Orks.  Chaos in particular pushed them back to only two territories, and the Loyalist forces have struggled to make a comeback.  Although they manage to reclaim most of the territory lost to Chaos, they are still at a deficit to all three enemy factions.  Looking at their performance metrics, Loyalist Space Marines have a strong downwards trend on both short and long term historical performance.

The Orks had a mixed week overall, losing consistently to Eldar and Chaos, but were a noticeable part of the combined pushback against Loyalists.  In the last three days they have pushed Chaos back to their home territories and have maintained their presence on Loyalist ground, but are slipping against Eldar.  While they currently hold a quarter of the territories, and their long term performance shows them at balance, it is on the downslope, and their short term performance implies this will continue.  In the greenskins favour, however, their performance of late has been less volatile than the other factions, so they may yet hold this position.

Eldar, too, had mixed results over the course of the week.  They started the week in a decent position, and looked to maintain it at best.  However, the second of of the week saw them make strong gains, especially against Chaos, and they have actually taken the overall lead, helped by similar gains made by the Orks.  While their long term historical performance is little different to the Orks, it is on an upwards trend, and their short term performance indicates this is likely to continue.

Chaos was having a good week most of the time, and saw the highest peak total territories since I’ve been recorded, but were unable to maintain this level of success and fell to second place by the end of the week, with the decline starting after their success of the 23rd.  They manage to prevent the Loyalists from fully retaking their losses, but consistently gave ground to both Orks and Eldar.  Although the long term performance of CHaos has fallen far from it’s peak, it never crossed the balance point, and is on the rise again.  The short term performance metric indicates this is likely to rise further.  However, Chaos has the highest short term volatility due to the spike on the 23rd, so their inconsistent performance may work against them.

This week saw the Eldar maintain their dominance of Arkhona through consistent performance, the Chaos Christmas offensive notwithstanding.  Chaos find themselves back where they started, the Orks have made modest gains, and the Loyalists have fallen back considerably.  The rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 29%
Chaos: 26%
Orks: 25%
Loyalists: 20%

Once again, no guilds have reported significant activity.  I enquired about the Chaos offensive, but was unable to find a particular source.

Faction Balances


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