Arkhona War Report Week 18

This week has seen the opening campaign dominated by Eldar and Chaos as the fastest and the largest completion targets, with Orks doing well from midweek onwards, and the Loyalists lagging behind and struggling to retake their territories, but making a slow advance.  The territorial ranking as of now are: Chaos: 29% Eldar: 26% Orks: 25% LSM: 20%


First Arkhonian Black Crusade

We hit them before they even realized what had happend, our vanguard already breaking into their complexes and hewing them left and right with every swing of our singing blades, a cacophony of destruction that made them scatter and flee. They say Space Marines know no fear and that is the truest lie, even Custodians know fear, and they ran.

Da Lead Belchas ‘old Da Line

The continued success of Waaaagh!Thrakka is contingent on holding Zedek and it's refineries, and maintaining a foothold in the nearby mountains. While the Orks have lost one refinery and failed to extend their territory further, they remain in a strongly held position. The WAAAGH!! will continue.

Arkhona War Report Week 17

This week has Chaos, Orks, and Eldar jockeying for position while the Loyalists languish at the bottom of the charts.  The Eldar looked to be on top for most of the week, but a suddenly decline pushed them down into second place, eclipsed by a sudden rise from Chaos.  The Territorial Control rankings as of now are: Chaos:  27% Eldar:   26% Orks:    26% LSM:    21%

Da Lead Belchas Expand

“Dat Kommando wot stole doze two keys iz wot won us da battle. Wish I knew ‘is name so’z I cud buy ‘im a squig-ale. But dat Deffboy, he was da Ork too, smashed ‘is trukk roight inta da humie tin can until it blew! HAHA! And den ‘e went and captured dat one place loike foive times, all sneaky-git like”

Da Lead Belcha’s Incursion

Da Lead Belchas took over the ruins of Zedek unopposed, and refused to give it back, citing the Orky Law of “We’ze gottit, see?” While they did not manage to capture the Warp Stations, Da Led Belchas are now in possession of two refineries, and have a established base of operations using part of the ruins of Zedek and a nearby Defence Station.

Arkhona War Report Week 16

This week started out with a narrow band of factions jostling for position, but the Orks and the Loyalists diverged over the weekend, climbing and crashing respectively. The Territorial control rankings as of now are: Orks: 27.1% Chaos: 26.6% Eldar: 25.0% Loyalists: 21.4%

Arkhona War Report Week 15

This week saw the Orkish fortunes reverse completely, the Loyalists begin to climb their way out of their Territorial hole, Chaos continue their solid performance, and the Eldar take a hit but make a surprise comeback to take the lead. The rankings as of now are: Eldar: 28% Chaos: 27% LSM: 23% Orks: 22%

Arkhona War Report Week 14

This week saw the factions shifting back and forth in a four-way tug of war, but the week ended in a very similar shape to what it started in. The rankings as of now are: Eldar: 27% Orks: 27% Chaos: 25% LSM: 21%

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