Arkhona War Report Week 14

Welcome back Crusaders! I hope the festive season has treated you better than it has the Loyalists. I have nearly finished collecting responses for the December Player Morale and Guild Surveys, so they will be closing this week, and I’ll start working on the December Retrospective, which should be published next week. I’ve missed a day again this week, so the data for 31st December is averaged from the days either side.

The Loyalists started the week on the bottom of the barrel, and although they managed to peak above the quarter territory mark mid week, they ended with one less territory than they started with. At the start of the week, they held territories from all three factions at one point, but then proceeded to consistently lose territory to Orks and Chaos. Although the Eldar mounted several deliberate offensives during the day, by the time the data was collected the front line had been pushed back to even most of the time. Both the long term and short performance show negative Territory Days, with no signs of a positive shift, and the Loyalists have been the most volatile this week. Anecdotal reports of fighting with and against them suggest that as expected, the Loyalists have suffered the most from new players working their way up the steep learning curve. Until this changes, it is likely that the Loyalists will have a long term trend of holding less than a quarter of the map. In other news for the Loyalists, it has been reported that an entire Chapter, once known as The Lion’s Revenge, has turned to the Ruinous Powers. Taking up the name Endbringers, they have begun winning matches for Chaos instead of the Emperor.

The Orks were fairly consistent this week, and this showed in them having the lowest volatility of the factions. They had a net overall gain of two territories, mostly taken from Chaos and the Loyalists. They held the Loyalists in particular to a deficit for all but one day, and treated Chaos in a similar fashion for most of the week. With one single exception, they held even with the Eldar. Both long and short term performance metrics are on the rise, implying that the Orks will continue to hold more than their share of the map.

Eldar for once had a volatile week, and ended up losing one territory overall. Although they dipped low in the first half of the week, they did manage to make a comeback by holding the Green Tide to a stalemate, and pushing back Chaos and Loyalists, with a final drive into Loyalist territory bringing them into positive gains. Although both performance metrics are showing positive Territory Days, they are both on the decline, implying that the Eldar position is weakening somewhat.

Chaos started the week with a slump from even, and although they came back strongly midweek, their falling back against Eldar and Orks cost them territories overall, seeing them end the week with what they started with: a quarter of the map. While they traded back and forth with the Eldar all week, they mostly lost ground to the Orks, but made up for it with strong late-week gains against the Loyalists, although even these dropped off on the last day. Their long term performance is on the rise due to some historical strong gains, but their short term performance is dropping, which will soon begin to hurt their long term metric. This implies that Chaos is not currently as strong as it once was, and is likely to remain that way short term.

This week saw the factions shifting back and forth in a four-way tug of war, but the week ended in a very similar shape to what it started in. The rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 27%
Orks: 27%
Chaos: 25%
LSM: 21%

There has been no significant guild activity, but a cross-factional group calling themselves the Illuminubs has been wreaking havoc late nights Eldar side.  While they have certainly swung things very far in a short space of time, things are fairly quickly put back in order, demonstrating that shifts in the world map lasting more than a few hours will require dedicated effort


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