Arkhona War Report Week 15

Welcome Crusaders, to the first full week of 2017!  This week I have some Loyalists gritting their teeth, Chaos continuing as they have been but eclipsed by the Eldar, and Orks on the decline.  Some of you will be glad to know that I’ve managed to implement a system that accepts multiple entries per day and averages them, so the figures below are derived from two data points each day, 10-12 hours apart.  I’ve also had the assistance of Abatos, who provided me with screenshots of before and after his forays with Da Lead Belchas (DLB), which have made this video rather lengthier.  In other news, look for my December Report later this week, sneak preview: mostly Loyalist Tacticals from Europe and USA, Eldar performing well, and a breakdown of each faction’s Specialists.


Loyalists have a bad week overall, with a negative Territory Balance against all three enemy factions on each day, with the exception of a single day each against Eldar and against Orks.  On the upside, they worked over the course of the week to at least reduce their deficit.  They fared best against Eldar, but were struggling to deal with both Chaos and Orks across the board.  Both of their performance metrics (TD30 and TD7) are strongly negative.  It seems that the Loyalists continue to suffer from the influx of new players, and are likely to do so for some time yet .


The Eldar had a mixed week.  They started off in a strong position, especially against the Loyalists, but quickly fell back against both them and Chaos.  Chaos especially pushed hard against them on the sixth, back five territories at one point.  After that, however, the Eldar were able to reverse their downwards trend by pushing back against all three factions unevenly but consistently, culminating with a positive Territory Balance on the last day, although Chaos was still giving them enough trouble to hold them to even territories.  The Eldar long term performance remains strongly positive, but their short term is negative, indicating this will trend downwards


Although the Orks had a fairly consistent mid-week performance, when put in the context of the whole week they show a slow decline from their position of dominance, with a sharp drop in the last day to the bottom of the rankings.  Except for the last day, they pushed into the Loyalist’s territory, but slowly gave ground to them.  Meanwhile, they also lost ground to the Eldar, being pushed back into their own territory in the last two days.  FInally, Chaos also pushed them back on the last day, having only held them to even at best all week.  Oddly, the Orks’ long term performance is slightly negative, while the short term is definitely positive.  This is because of a period of poor performance a couple of weeks ago is still impacting their long term performance metric, while the short term has remained positive until the last day.


Chaos has had a very strong week, maintaining a positive territory balance at all times, and holding territory from the Loyalists for the entire week.  The Eldar too, suffered that their hands, particularly on the 6th, although they did manage to push Chaos back twice.  While the Orks gave them the most trouble, even the Greenskins were unable to do more than take a single territory from them for part of the last day of the week.  The strength of Chaos this week is largely down to a concerted push from several groups, especially around the 6th:  The Lash of Loesh (Lash), followed by the Illuminubs that day, The Endbringers (END)  several mornings, and even some members Warriors of Prophecy (WP) and the Da ‘Ard Waaaghboyz! (WBZ), usually Eldar and Orks respectively, got in on the action.  This excellent performance from Chaos is borne out by their performance metrics, which are strongly positive in both the long and short term.

This week saw the Orkish fortunes reverse completely, the Loyalists begin to climb their way out of their Territorial hole, Chaos continue their solid performance, and the Eldar take a hit but make a surprise comeback to take the lead.  The rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 28%
Chaos: 27%
LSM: 23%
Orks: 22%

There has been some concerted Guild Efforts this week, but mainly on the Chaos side as mentioned above: The Lash of Loesh (Lash), and The Endbringers (END) have both made special efforts, though not directed against anyone in particular. This week, the cross factional group the Illuminubs seems to have chosen Chaos to side with, and assisted the Chaos push. In a show of sportmanslike rivalry, The Scions of Magnus (SoM) called out The Hammer of Arkhona (THoA) for special praise after a good match fighting over Zedek. It would be great to see more of this kind of thing – remember that Guild vs Guild play can be organised via this thread!


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