Arkhona War Report Week 16

Welcome back Crusaders, to the best Arkhona War Report since last week!  Some interesting factional shifts, and plenty of activity this week.  On with the show!

At the start of the week, Loyalists were showing signs of improvement, with a steady increase to just above the 24 territory mark by the middle of the week.  While they were consistently held back by the Ruinous Powers, they did manage to take territory from both Orks and Eldar.  Unfortunately for the Emperors Finest, they were unable to maintain such efforts and were driven back by all three enemy factions to close to the same deficit than they began with.  Their deeply negative long term performance is showing signs of recovery, but their short term performance may rob them of that improvement as it has taken a downturn recently.  Perhaps the influx of new players has finished taking its full toll, but the Loyalists still need to climb a steep curve to get themselves back on an even footing.

Orks started the week quietly, hovering back and forth over the quarter mark, dipped briefly with some losses to Loyalists and Chaos, but then took off midweek by crushing both Loyalists and Eldar for several days. They rose to 29 average Territories, the most they have held since mid October, before losing much of their gains to the Loyalists and Eldar, and all of their Chaos territories. They still ended the week with 3 more territories than they started with. Both their long term and short term performance are on the rise, and are beginning to sync up, showing that their performance is becoming more stable.

The Eldar are once again seeing a slow decline. Although they retain a positive Territorial Balance against the Loyalists, this is more than offset by their recent losses to Orks and Chaos. Even a small resurgence on the last day has only brought them back up to one territory less than they started the week with. Although they lost ground against the Loyalists until midweek, they more than made up for it in the second half, but fell back against both Orks and Chaos. Eldar short term performance is wavering back and forth across the zero mark, and thus their long term performance is declining towards zero (remember that a TD7/TD30 of zero means that a faction’s territorial control is balanced against the other factions, i.e 8 territories apiece)

Chaos has had a very even, but consistently positive week, even though they ended with an overall reduction in territory held.. They deviated very little from the 26 Territory mark, holding the Loyalists to a deficit all week, and offsetting losses to Orks with gains against Eldar, and vice versa. The only faction which they lost territory to at all were the Orks, on two separate days. Consistent performance, however, was not enough to eclipse the stronger showing from the Orks. Chaos remains the most powerful faction in terms of both long and short term performance, with both TD30 and TD7 being ahead of the other factions for the last 8 days. The difference in TD30 shows the difference the most clearly.

This week started out with a narrow band of factions jostling for position, but the Orks and the Loyalists diverged over the weekend, climbing and crashing respectively. The Territorial control rankings as of now are:

Orks: 27.1%
Chaos: 26.6%
Eldar: 25.0%
Loyalists: 21.4%

This weeks Performance Rankings show a slightly different story:

Chaos: 11.5 TD
Orks: 9TD
Eldar: -2.5 TD
Loyalists: -18TD

There was a lot of activity boiling out of the Eye of Terror this week, as Lash and other groups beholden to the Ruinous Powers rallied each day to divide their foes from their entrails, regardless of affiliation to the Imperium, Craftworld or the Waaagh!! There was also a flash mob calling themselves “Team Flash Gordon” that wreaked glittery havoc upon the Loyalists using nothing but Sunrifles and knives, bringing them down to three territories. The League of Alpharius has also been active this week, fielding warparties of up to seven, and making claims that they “contribute to the war efforts, sporadically trolling the enemy and ordering the pugs (cultists ahahah) around to have them do the dirty work”. There are also reports of Da Lead Belchas having a strong presence in the field, but these have yet to be confirmed.


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