Da Lead Belcha’s Incursion

Da Lead Belchas took over the ruins of Zedek unopposed, and refused to give it back, citing the Orky Law of  “We’ze gottit, see?”.  The Eldar mounted two offensives to claim that part of the city,  with a lightning raid on a key building taking the Orks by surprise.  The Greenskins rallied quickly though, and a wall of dakka stopped the Eldar in their tracks, flocks of Swooping Hawks notwithstanding.  A second offensive failed at the outset, with Evil Sunz circling their vehicles and ramming, crushing, or tankbusting their fragile Eldar counterparts. They then threatened to taunt the Eldar a second time.

Meanwhile, a splinter group of Da Lead Belchas descended on a pair of undefended Warp Stations but had troubles from the start – their Rokk broke and they wasted time yelling at the Meks to fix it before straggling into the station itself.  The Templars of Caliban, who had been tasked with retaking the station, shrugged aside the piecemeal defence.  Da Led Belchas, too few to make a dent, and unable to rally the Feral Boyz to an organised push, were likewise unable to prevent the Space Marines from quickly establishing their dominance over the area with fields of heavy bolter fire too thick for the Orks to get through.

Having already taken possession of a Defense Station, a handful of Da Led Belchas grudgingly handed over control to the Loyalists when they showed up to break up the party.  Outnumbered and outgunned, the Orks were devastated early on and frequently cut down by bolter fire before a proper charge could be organized.  But apparently the Imperial forces were only interested in clearing out the Orks since they did not retain control.  Coming back spoiling for a rematch, the greenskins discovered that the forces of Chaos had taken over the facility.   An immense Ork calling himself “Thrakka Snazzfingas ” had by this time taken the lead along with his Skarboyz, promising they’d all feel better if they “Ad a good scrap wiv dose Spiky Boyz hidin’ in da littl’ fort ova dere”.  In no time at all the Orks were piling Chaos Marine helmets around the base of their WAAAAAGH Banner.  Enraged at their defeat, the Traitor Marines returned with a vengeance that would give daemons pause. Burning autocannon fire filled the air as Iron Warriors made their assault.  At one point, a Chaos Sorcerer took advantage of a large scrum and blasted 5 Orks with Daemonbolt while they were tied up with a Nurgle Chaos Veteran.

The Orks rallied an incredible defence, Warboss Thrakka bellowing to “SMASH DEEZ GITZ!!!” Soon the Traitors realised they would not be moving the Orks anytime soon, and bitterly conceded defeat.

Da Boss! When ‘e shows up, it’s like da WAAAAAGH goes frew ‘im inta every uvva ork!

Using the Defense Station as a base of operations, Da Led Belchas launched a series of raids on nearby refineries in order to refuel their trukks.  Their first raid was an abysmal failure, with the Eldar preventing them from holding any of the outlets long enough to get more than a few drops into the tank.  In typical Ork fashion, they declared “That one duzzint count!” but gave no justification.  Their other two raids were rather more successful, as inspired by Thrakka’s loud and boisterous bellows, Da Lead Belchas made short work of the Space Marines who had been caught off guard by the unexpected organization amongst the greenskins. Unable to organize a proper defence, the Orks were quickly amongst them with blades and shootas and the Space Marines beat a hasty retreat from the area.  

Some git named [Ed. The name in this part of the document appears to have been hammered so angrily into the typewriter that it is not legible – and is that blood?] did nothing but teamkill everyone on the Ork side constantly. Had to kick him from the mob (HE’S A BLOODY MADBOY HE IS!)

The third refinery hit was also defended by Space Marines, this time by the Wolves of Garmr [VI], who put up much more of a “proppa foight”, spearheading counter-attacks to reclaim points with their blazing power swords, even managing to retake control of the whole facility for a short while.  However, the superior numbers of Da Led Belchas managed to turn the tide at the last minute for a bloody victory.  A source claimed to have witnessed a clustered group of Veteran Space Marines get hit by 2 simultaneous kannon blasts that “urled der corpses everywhere, hur hur hur”

With results like these, the power of the Ork faction is evident.  While they did not manage to capture the Warp Stations, Da Led Belchas are now in possession of two refineries, and have a established base of operations using part of the ruins of Zedek and a nearby Defence Station.


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