Arkhona War Report Week 17

The Loyalists have had their worst week to date: at no point did they have a positive territorial balance against any faction.  They are, however, showing some signs of improvement, as both their TD30 and TD7 are rising slightly.  Their territorial balance started behind and dipped lower midweek – the lowest recorded number of average Territories held at 17.  From the 19th onwards though, they clawed their way back to just above 20 average, but 23 at the last measurement, just 1 below a quarter of the territories. Unusually, they fared the best against the forces of Chaos, although still very poorly.

The Orks had another very even week, with strong gains against the Loyalists offset by losses to Eldar and Chaos.  They mostly managed to keep the Eldar at bay, but less so the forces of Chaos, and they ended the week in a slightly weaker position than they started.  While their long term performance is on the the rise, their short term performance is trending downwards, implying a slightly weakening of the faction.

The Eldar were shaping up for a good week, reaching an all-time peak of 30 territories held on the 20th.  Unfortunately, they went into a decline after that, and ended with one less territory than they began with.  They did, however, give no ground to any other faction, maintaining a positive territorial balance all week.  Their largest gains were unsurprisingly against the Loyalists, but the Orks and Chaos were much more able to hold them to their ground, with the Eldar only able to push them back midweek.  The Eldar performance, both long and short term, is nicely positive, but appears to be reaching a plateau for now.

Chaos has had a somewhat mixed week, with ups and downs but still maintaining a positive territorial balance.  Like the other non-LSM factions, they end the week with less territory than they started with.  Likewise, their largest gains were against the loyalists, but they were also able to push back the Green Tide fairly consistently, albeit to a smaller degree.  Their long term and short term performance is still strongly positive, but their TD7 has remained fairly static, and their TD30 has taken a recent hit.  Chaos is still the strongest performing long term, but the Orks are closing the gap.

This week has Chaos, Orks, and Eldar jockeying for position while the Loyalists languish at the bottom of the charts.  The Eldar looked to be on top for most of the week, but a suddenly decline pushed them down into second place, eclipsed by a sudden rise from Chaos.  The Territorial Control rankings as of now are:

Chaos:  27%
Eldar:   26%
Orks:    26%
LSM:    21%

As with last week, the Performance rankings are different, with the Eldar moving from third place to top ranked compared to last week.

Eldar: 22 TD
Chaos: 13.5 TD
Orks: 7.5 TD
LSM: -43 TD

I’ve received no word of significant activity outside of the tales from Da Lead Belchas, and a brief note that I had just been “Illuminubbed”.  As for Da Lead Belcha’s, well…read here


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