Da Lead Belchas Expand

Personally offended by the loss of the Maggon Warp-station last week, Warboss Thrakka and the  next largest Ork he could find – Krushface – mounted an offensive to “ave anuvver go”, only to discover that the Eldar had already done so.  In the face of intense and accurate fire they took it back anyways, overwhelming the Eldar and refusing to budge.  Geoff ‘Undred-Teef slew several Swooping Hawks that were covering the second floor of A Point in a blitz assault that left them all dead in seconds, clearing the way for the rest of Da Lead Belchas.  

Keeping the boyz together,  Thrakka immediately launched a three pronged attack on Loyalist held Fortresses in the foothills near Zedek.  Each attack took a different approach.

The first Fortress to fall saw its gates literally punched in, as a Trukk full to the brim disgorged a mob of Klawed Slugga boyz and one Kannon.  The speed with which the courtyard was overrun broke the Loyalists forces, and the Orks took their time and Kannoned them at leisure.

“We’z punched der gates roight in, it were BRUTAL and FAST and it were da most fun I’ve ‘ad since I last punched a gate in, HUR HUR HUR!  Dat lad wiv’ da Kannon waz all roight I guess”

Kommandos infiltrated the pipes in the second to fall, and proceeded to inflict mutual destruction using unexpectedly short-fused bombs.  The inner courtyard was quickly overwhelmed, and once again Kannon fire made short work of the remaining defenders, the stained glass of the Emperor defiled with huge ork glyphs of victory.

Not content with personally leading one victory, Thrakka commandeered the fastest Trukk he could find, and raced to join the attack on the third, where Da Lead Belchas were shelling The Templars of Caliban and a squad from an unknown Chapter with the banner GATA.  They had broken through the main defences, but were being cut down by heavy bolter fire and co-ordinated assault teams.  With their Warboss on the field, however, the tide of Orks was able to overun the inner sanctuary and once again Kannon the Loyalists into oblivion.

With the foothills under their control, Da Lead Belchas were free to move up the mountains and assault the Defence Station holding the pass.  Unfortunately, many of the Klan got distracted along the way, betting on squig races down the nearly sheer cliffs, so only a group of Stormboys remained and a bunch of feral orks along for the loot.  This was, however, enough to storm the walls and capture the Station.

Moving over the pass and into the mountains, the Orks discovered a pair of lava riddled facilities.  The Eldar in one put up a stiff resistance at first, but soon slipped back into their webway.  The Loyalists that held the other also put up a “proppa foight” but were eventually worn down.

“Dat Kommando wot stole doze two keys iz wot won us da battle.  Wish I knew ‘is name so’z I cud buy ‘im a squig-ale.  But dat Deffboy, he was da Ork too, smashed ‘is trukk roight inta da humie tin can until it blew!  HAHA!  And den ‘e went and captured dat one place loike foive times, all sneaky-git like”

Meanwhile, the battle over Zedek broke out again, involving a large force of Loyalists and a small contingent of opportunistic Chaos Renegades.  A large group of Nobz led by “Deffboy” played King of the Hill and only got one of the boyz krumped, whilst another mob swarmed over a group of Loyalists that were cut off from their main force, chopping everyone up before setting up brutal criss-crossing arcs of dakka.  The Slaaneshi Raptors sought to take advantage of the situation, but their speed and agility did nothing to save them from getting swamped by slugga boyz who brought them down using mob tactics.

“Krushface was killin’ a LOT o’ beakies wiv ‘is choppa. An’ oi meanz a LOOOOOT.”

The fighting boiled out of the city to the nearby outpost of Torias, and a large force of the Praetorian Guard attempted to re-capture one of the Ork held refineries, but were quickly put down, surprisingly unable to make any headway.  The Praetorians fared better in Torias proper, as did BRO, with a major tank battle going on that eventually went the way of the Orks thanks to Trukks and Klaws.  

“All o’ dat tankbustin’!  HAHA!”

The Orks have retained control of the outpost, the refineries, and Zedek, and have extended their each into the nearby mountains and now have several fortress strongholds.




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