Arkhona War Report Week 18

Once again, the Loyalists have fared very poorly, never once finding themselves at a net positive balance against any other faction, and never crossing the quarter territories held mark.  The averages show that the bulk of their losses were to the Eldar, but there were some significant spikes during the week, with Chaos pushing them completely off their portion of the map at one point.  Two high points were a resurgence on the 28th, mostly at the cost of the Orks, and ending the week with slightly more territory than they started with.  The Loyalists long and short term performance continues to be strongly negative, but although the TD30 maintains a downward trend, the TD7 appears to be relatively stable for now.  On the campaign front, the Loyalists were the only faction not to complete their objective: conjecture places the win target to be about 2055 but they managed only 1931.

The Orks had a mixed week  against Eldar and Chaos, but a very strong week against the Loyalists, which probably accounted for them completing their campaign objective, along with their low population.  While they lost all of their gains against the Loyalists on the 28th, and also suffered against the Eldar and Chaos, they quickly bounced back.  However, they did not fully regain their previous acquisitions, and ended the week with nearly three fewer territories than they started with.  Both long and short term performance metrics are positive, but are trending downwards.

Eldar too, had a very strong week against the Loyalists, but also fared well against the other two factions, more particularly the Orks.  This strong performance contributed to their completion of their campaign objectives earlier than the other factions.  Midweek was their strongest, when they took territories from all three factions, although they were notably weaker against the Loyalists here.  For all their gains, however, Chaos and Orks pushed them back in the last two days to pretty much what they held at the start of the week.  In terms of performance metrics, their TD7 is stable at just over 20, and the best performing faction for the last 11 days.  Their long term performance is also fairly stable, but is currently second to Chaos.

Like Eldar and Orks, Chaos dominated the Loyalists in their area.  While they were pushed back in general midweek, they maintained a positive balance against all factions at the beginning and end of the week, gaining them nearly two territories on average.  They were the last to complete their campaign objective of those that did so, because even though they performed the best, they had a much larger target to hit.  Their long and short term performance are both slowly rising, and they still have a significant TD30 advantage over the other factions.

This week has seen the opening campaign dominated by Eldar and Chaos as the fastest and the largest completion targets, with Orks doing well from midweek onwards, and the Loyalists lagging behind and struggling to retake their territories, but making a slow advance.  The territorial ranking as of now are:

Chaos: 29%
Eldar: 26%
Orks: 25%
LSM: 20%

But once again the performance rankings are slightly different:

Eldar: 21.3 TD
Chaos: 10.3 TD
Orks: 2.8 TD
LSM: -34.5 TD

There has naturally been a lot of guild activity this week, given the campaign, but not a lot of communication has made it my way. The largest offensive on Arkhona to date was a massive Black Crusade from out of the Eye of Terror, with multiple warbands laying siege and wreaking havoc for eight hours straight. The three largest warbands were from The League of Alpharius, Arkhona’s Chosen, and The Lash of Loesh, but pretty much every clan was represented.  Over the course of this battle, they pushed the Loyalist forces completely out of their holdings, and pushed through their very challenging campaign objective to completion.  This would not have been possible without this organised and concerted effort. You can read about the exploits of The Lash of Loesh here.

With sporadic incursions during the week, a direct report from The League of Alpharius:

After the Orks had attacked and taken the Warp Station, the Alpha Legion brutalized with supreme strategy and skills various enemies (mainly LSM) in more than 7 battles. As ever, the Hydra gave its important contribute to the whole faction. Just as planned.

In the end we have proven once again what we all know: It matters not what do you think you play. You play Alpha Legion.

Da Lead Belchas have been unusually defensive, spending time trying to hold onto their looted refineries and mountain holdings, and being mostly successful.  You can read about it here


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