Da Lead Belchas ‘old Da Line

Waaagh!Thrakka has been uncharacteristically defensive of late, as they were hard pressed to hang on to their loot. Up in the mountains, the Loyalists struck back at the Warp stations and Lava facilities, while Zedek and it’s refineries saw probes from both Eldar and Loyalist Space Marines.

Warlord Thrakka himself rallied the defence of the Warp Station, repulsing the Space Marines twice. A blitzkreig armoured assault first caught the greenskins by surprise. Orkish counting is unreliable at best, but the Chapter records show 9 Rhinos and 5 Predators destroyed. But they spent too much time mustering their forces, and were forced to withdraw for resupply without taking the final control building. Having requisitioned more vehicles, the Space Marines attempted another lighting attack, and would have succeeded quickly if it weren’t for one sneaky git calling himself “Kaptin Pokkets” inducing a bit of manual interference into the Space Marine command-codes. But even so, the orks were eventually pushed back, but the impromptu creation of a “boomtower” reduced the incoming transports to scrap,and the momentum of the LSM charge faltered and petered out, leaving the area still in Ork hands.

Dis is a tower, and got lotsa BOOM, see? BOOMTOWER!! WAAAAGH!…ere wots that ova dere? click-woooosh

Back on the plains, the Loyalists probed the ruins of Zedek itself and the nearby refineries. With much of their forces focused on holding the new ground up in the mountains, Da Lead Belchas were forced to concede some of their refinery access, with a larger number of Space Marines raking the orks with pinpoint bolter fire, and overwhelming them. Even the physics defying antics of Detektive John Kimbles, who slammed down with his Rokkit Pack between 2 enemy Rhinos and knocked them sideways into the air, was not enough to turn the tide of battle.

‘e slammed down loik da fist ‘o Gork ‘imself! OI! IT’Z DAT WARP FINGY AGAIN!

Meanwhile, the forces left behind in the mountains quickly grew bored and went looking for a “gud scrap”, finding a Loyalist facility higher up the snowy peaks. The unexpected attack caught the Marines of the Mad Nomads unawares, and the station was quickly overrun. The Warboss himself came to see if there was any shiny loot, and met the Veteran Loyalist force returning to retake the position. After much close quarter fighting and many fallen Veterans, the Lion’s Revenge pressed on and routed the Orks, sending Thrakka and his boyz back down the mountain.

dere’s some roight flash gits out dere callin’ ’emselves DEVS, but dey get krumped loik any uvva git. Let’s ‘ave a go den!

In Zedek proper, though, Da Lead Belchas dug in against both Eldar and Loyalist probing advances. The Space Marines were ambushed as they moved through the ruins, and were quickly cut down, but the Eldar took the initiative and attacked Warboss Thrakka’s mob as it returned from the mountain fighting. The nobs held their ground as long as they could, but were forced into deeper cover where they were subject to a rapid assault in typical Eldar fashion, using their transports to drop off teams of Eldar before rushing away again. But in typical orky fashion, Da Lead Belchas refused to recognise their weak position, and dragged the fighting inside the building where the Eldar’s mobility meant little and ground them down until the Eldar were forced to retreat.

oi really ‘ate those flashy light-shootas. Dat’s why oi carry round dis ‘ere Kannon. Shot me down wun o’ dem swoopy fings while it were flyin’ too! DAT’S CUZ I’Z SO LUCKY FROM ALL DA BLUE PAINT!

The continued success of Waaaagh!Thrakka is contingent on holding Zedek and it’s refineries, and maintaining a foothold in the nearby mountains. While the Orks have lost one refinery and failed to extend their territory further, they remain in a strongly held position. The WAAAGH!! will continue.


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