Arkhona War Report Week 22

This week once again saw the three usual factions competing for their chunk of Arkhona, while the Loyalists struggled. The Territorial control rankings as of now are: Eldar: 27% Orks: 27% CSM: 26% LSM: 20%


Second Arkhonian Black Crusade

"A darkness has washed over this land, the corpse emperors dogs lay dead and dying across a thousand battlefields. Their warriors assured in victory have left themselves exposed, they think that because their objective is complete they have nothing more to fear. But a tally of blood and souls must be met in the eyes of the gods, we must remind them that they are never safe! never truly victorious! Chaos has dominion over their lives, let us remind them of that fact."

Arkhona War Report Week 21

This week saw the Eldar and Chaos duke it out over the control of Arkhona, while the Orks tried to hold their ground but lost it.  The Loyalists made a valiant effort early in the Campaign, but lost ground over the course of it to return to form.  The Territory rankings as of now are: Eldar: 32% Chaos: 25% Orks: 21% LSM: 21%

Arkhona War Report Week 20

This week saw Chao surge ahead for most of the week, with Eldar and Orks vying for second place.  Although the Loyalists gave the Orks a run for their money early on, their paths diverged after the tenth and the Loyalists crashed.  The rankings as they stand as at week's end are: Chaos: 28.1% Eldar: 28.1% Orks: 27.6% LSM: 16.1%

Dis is OUR ‘ouse!

With Zedek firmly in their grasp, Da Leach Belchas now control the Blackbolt Mountain Pass, and have started to encroach on the next valley. Waaaagh!Thrakka is here to stay.

Arkhona War Report Week 19

Once again, the week can be characterised by Orks, Chaos, and Eldar fighting for position, while the Loyalists struggle to regain their territory.  The rankings as of now are: Chaos: 29% Orks: 28% Eldar: 23% Loyalist: 20%

The Lash of Loesh serves as crusade vanguard.

"We are ancient beyond all but the oldest Aeldari, strong beyond comprehension, and wise beyond limited mortal experience. We are the sons of the Phoenix and we have risen again, for ten thousand years we have waited and now we will spread our light to every corner of the galaxy."

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