The Lash of Loesh serves as crusade vanguard.

This week the Lash of Loesh made a number of incursions into Arkhona’s surface from a unknown despoiler class battleship orbiting the planet, one that had also appeared during the campaigns first Arkhonian Black Crusade but had now broken off from the rest of the Eye of Terror forces in the battles lull.

Militant cultists with autoguns and servo skulls scouted out multiple locations that had seen a resurgence of loyalists since the Eye momentarily closed, including from heavily organized loyalist forces attempting to rally their forces and resupply at recaptured refineries. Taking a special interest in the northern processing plants and fortresses from the Dark Age of Technology and deployed a tactical command team called ‘The Praised’ and a close combat unit that seemed to resemble Night Lord Terror Squads from the Great Crusade.

“We are ancient beyond all but the oldest Aeldari, strong beyond comprehension, and wise beyond limited mortal experience. We are the sons of the Phoenix and we have risen again, for ten thousand years we have waited and now we will spread our light to every corner of the galaxy.”

Almost always on attack, swarms of Rhinos and Predator tanks bombarded these facilities and disgorged lightly armored fast moving infantry units with boltguns and power weapons to overwhelm their defenses. What few heavy infantry there were often wielded plasma cannons and bombarded areas with artillery fire or unleashed snap barrages in close quarters, sometimes in conjunction with ‘Felwroughts’ that more resembled shotguns then plasma guns.

“They will get no respite, no mercy, we will hound them all the way back to Terra if we must. Our sorcerers will devour their souls, our warriors make cloaks of their flesh and necklaces of their eyes, we shall hold their severed hearts in our hands and place them upon the cold stone of Shornaal’s shrines as we chant his name in the Primordial Annihilators voice.”

When they were forced into defense they employed liberal use of Fabian tactics, hitting from the flanks or from behind. Sometimes deliberately abandoning control points to circle around and capture another section of the refineries while the slower Space Marine forces were still in transit between the two, in the most extreme cases units would directly confront a force to feign a retreat in their center line, causing heavily armored units to push into the Lash unit and then suddenly become encircled and disassembled by the other Slaaneshi forming a stronger wing on either side.

This came to a head when fighting an extremely organized unit of loyalists on Agnathio where the Slaaneshi forces avoided attacking the gate outright Moving around an organized and heavily armed unit of loyalists on the walls to clear them our and siphon off their lives as they scrambled to make a defense. When other forces finally broke them down the Lash swarmed their central control point and slaughtered everyone inside before moving further up into their final inner sanctum, taking advantage of newly installed elevators to bombard their bridges with bolter fire and clear the way for armored melee units.

“We are the first, the signifiers of things to come, what had happened before will happen again. The other lesser gods stir soon and when the Eye opens they will be back once again, you can already taste the blood in the air and hear the screams. The Dark Prince will smile with a mouth made of event horizons, he will look down on this symphony of pain, and he will sing a song that lulls suns to sleep and reverberate across the cracked crust of a thousand worlds.”


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