Arkhona War Report Week 19

I’ve been busy of late, and it’s a holiday here, so this week’s report is a bit briefer than usual. My apologies, and I’ll get straight into it.

Loyalists continue to perform poorly, and ended the week with less than they started with.  For the third week in a row, they did not have a single day with positive territorial balance against any faction, although they did hold the Eldar to even territory for a single day.

The Orks remained fairly even all week, hovering back and forth between 25-26 territories, with gains against Loyalists offset by losses to the other factions, or wins against the other factions offset by smaller gains against the Loyalists.  They did, however, end the week with more territory than they started with

The Eldar had some ups and downs, dipping below the quarter territories held twice due to pushes from both Orks and Chaos.  Although they performed as well as usual against the Loyalists, it was not enough to prevent them losing nearly three territories over the week.

Chaos started the week by losing some ground to all three factions, but their performance against the Loyalists picked up midweek to counterbalance, and continued to strengthen against the other two factions.  They ended the week with the same number of territories they started with.

Once again, the week can be characterised by Orks, Chaos, and Eldar fighting for position, while the Loyalists struggle to regain their territory.  The rankings as of now are:

Chaos: 29%
Orks: 28%
Eldar: 23%
Loyalist: 20%


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