Dis is OUR ‘ouse!

Waaagh!Thrakka, once again on the defensive, consolidated their hold on Zedek and the nearby mountain fortresses. The Eldar infiltrated the pass, and were in the process of reconfiguring the automated defences before the greenskins caught on. With a furious melee breaking out over one of the access points while a trukk rushed to flank another, the Eldar were able to make little headway against clouds of poison gas hurled by Feral Doks. A hasty follow up attack by the Eldar was spoiled by the the now prepared Orks, grumbling about the need for a “proppa foight”.

…an’ so I sez to da boss, I sez, look if ya just let me strap one ‘o dese fings ‘ere, an weld a a choppa on, oi can…ere wots this! Pointy ears – get ‘em boyz! WAAAAAGH!!

Da Lead Belchas faced true challenge at one of the proper fortresses, as members of the Templars of Caliban infiltrated under the walls and forced the Orks to fall back, leaving the walls undefended. Infiltration saw the Marines almost take the Sanctuary too, but Kannon Boyz lined up, firing at anything not Orky that moved, and the hail of dakka was too much for the Marines to get close enough to make a concerted push inside, and they fell back.


Zedek and the refineries saw a number of small scraps, but the population of non-ork residents is thinning. Thrakka himself saw off a band of Renegades intent on siphoning fuel with a hard fought battle, and a small force of Eldar retreating from the mountain losses were burned out of a hiding spot in the ruins. Notably, Thrakka took personal affront at losing a Refinery last week, kicked the head in of the grot that lost it, and led a personal Waaaagh! back to reclaim it, routing the combined forces of the Epsilon Dark Angels and 6TH.

Mork an’ Gork, if ya want sumfing done roight, ya gotta do it yourself! Come on ya grotz, yooz want ta live forever?! Oi plan to, but yoo might not if ya don’t’ take back that zoggin’ fuel plant!

Up in the mountains, Da Lead Belchas brought their vehicles to bear on the peak, quickly taking over the facility while the bulk of the Loyalist forces were making sweeps after the last attack. Vigilia Mortis made a strong count attack with armoured cavalry of their own, but the fierce fighting was insufficient to dislodge the Orks. With that facility held, the Orks carried their momentum down the other side of the mountain, with a force led by Kaptin Blackheart, and the arrival of a pair or Feral Doks with poison grenades turned making for a swift capture of another Pass Fortress.

With Zedek firmly in their grasp, Da Leach Belchas now control the Blackbolt Mountain Pass, and have started to encroach on the next valley. Waaaagh!Thrakka is here to stay.


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