Arkhona War Report Week 20

Another quick report this week, in order to get a fast turnaround.  Many thanks to Elector and DarkVoidBoy for providing the data for when I was away.  Without them, you would not be getting this report.

Following the pattern of late, the Loyalists have not performed very well at all, but did manage a single day with with a positive balance against the Eldar.  Unusually, the Eldar were in fact the faction that they performed the best against.  The Loyalists had some ups and downs early in the week, but steadily declined and then had a sudden down turn on the last day to end with less territory than they started with.  There is some hope in their Territory Days performance values though, with a slow climb in their short term performance and a steadying of the long term.

The Orks had a mixed but overall positive result this week, with many of their midweek gains against the Loyalists offset by losses to the Eldar and Chaos.  They recovered slowly and by the end of the week had recovered all of their losses.  Unfortunately, their long and short term performance values are both on a slow decline.

The Eldar held steady most of the week off the back of their wins against Loyalists and Orks, but these were eroded  mid week by both of these factions.  A strong showing against them on the last day saw the Eldar reclaim and even add to their territory, ending with more than they started with.  They were, however, consistently pushed back by Chaos all week.  While their short term performance has only just recovered from a dip into the negative, their long term performance continues it general upwards trend.

Chaos has continued their trend of high performance, though their long and short term performance metrics are dipping slightly.  They saw out this week with positive territorial balance against all factions on every day, with only one exception to the Orks on the 12th.  Although they quickly stepped up to some high territory counts, they fell back on the last day  to only one above what they started with.

This week saw Chaos surge ahead for most of the week, with Eldar and Orks vying for second place.  Although the Loyalists gave the Orks a run for their money early on, their paths diverged after the tenth and the Loyalists crashed.  The rankings as they stand as at week’s end are:

Chaos: 28.1%
Eldar: 28.1%
Orks: 27.6%
LSM: 16.1%

The TD30 Performance rankings are:

Chaos: 73
Eldar: 56
Orks: 22
LSM: -152


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