Warriors of Prophecy Reap the day

We, the Warriors of Prophecy, had gathered our forces on the blood-soaked battlefields of Arkhona. The current campaign did not seem to be progressing in favour of the Aeldari. This in mind and the savage battle cries of the mayfly races in our ears, we set out to do Jain Zar’s bidding.

In the beginning we conducted an operation with two medium sized warparties (roughly around 8 to 10 brave aspect warriors in each). Later that very day we decided to concentrate our efforts in one full war party, since war sadly always comes with attrition of warriors and materials. The operation lasted for at least six hours, with elements of our troops even fighting for up to eight hours.

Let it be known that it was a glorious battle. What a sublime show of force it was when our Dire Avengers stormed the strongholds of the savages, the storm of their shurikens cutting our opponents down. Pure death rained unto the enemy as Dark Reapers provided heavy support and Swooping Hawks harrased the opposing forces. Striking Scorpions attacked from the shadows relentlessly and Howling Banshees were the epitome of a blade dance, their screams leaving the Mon’Keigh troops demoralized. All this, of course, never could have been achieved without the efforts of our Warlocks, bolstering the Warriors’ morale or cutting through enemies when needed. When the opponents finally decided to mount a counterattack, they were soon to realise the error of their ways. The fiery wrath of Kaela Mensha Khaine was unleashed as our Fire Dragons’ burning wing crushed their crude transports, tanks and heavy ordnance leaving nothing but molten slag and the certainty that this world will hear Eldar songs again!

Surely, it was a battle about which poems shall be written and songs composed.

Report courtesy of Wraithlord_Hastur


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