Arkhona War Report Week 21

Loyalists once again had a bad week for territory control, with only two days having a positive territorial balance against any of the factions – against Chaos only.  In fact, they fared best against Chaos, with only two days of losing ground to them.  The Loyalists showed promise with an early uptick in territories held on the 17th to just shy of the quarter mark, but then went into a decline that saw them with two less territories than they started.  If you’re uncertain how such a poor performance can equate to being the first faction to complete their Campaign Objective, I’ve put an explanation here.  Their short term performance shows a slow rise, and their TD30 shows marked improvements, but both remain negative.

The Orks, characteristically, have had a mixed week.  They performed well against the loyalists, but lost ground against Eldar all week, and were even or down against Chaos most days.  The start of the week was holding ground, with an increase over the quarter mark in the middle of the week, and a decline to match the Loyalists over the course of the end of the week.  They ended the week with three less than they started with, even with the Loyalists total.  Unfortunately for the greenskins, both their short and long term performance metrics are in decline.

Even though the Eldar struggled to complete their campaign objective, they performed very well on the territorial front, with their only territorial losses against Chaos on only three days.  Except for two days, they had slim margins against the Loyalists, but decent ones against Orks on most days.  Although they suffered a mid week slump, they recovered sharply on the last day due to a concerted effort to complete their campaign, and ended the week with 3.5 average territories than they started with.  The Eldar long term performance has plateaued for now, but the continued rise in their TD7 may soon change that.

Chaos uncharacteristically, had a wildly variable performance this week.  They lost ground, held ground, or gained ground against every faction at some point.  They did, however, perform best against the Loyalists, while having much more even variation around the balance point against Orks and Eldar.  They dipped quickly at the start of the week, but then made a good comeback over the middle of the week, only to drop back on the last day against Loyalists and Eldar -they lost all of their gains against the Loyalists.  This fall back left them with the same amount of territories that they started with.  While their long term performance has had a small drop, their TD7 has lowered significantly since the 15th and continues to trend towards zero.

This week saw the Eldar and Chaos duke it out over the control of Arkhona, while the Orks tried to hold their ground but lost it.  The Loyalists made a valiant effort early in the Campaign, but lost ground over the course of it to return to form.  The Territory rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 32%
Chaos: 25%
Orks: 21%
LSM: 21%

Meanwhile, the TD30 Performance Rankings are:

Chaos: 66
Eldar: 57
Orks: 9
LSM: -132


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