Second Arkhonian Black Crusade

Another week dawned under a black sun as the warbands of Chaos gathered on a mound of loyalist dead. Some sported sleek new designs on their armor, others were infused with daemonic manifestations, many more wielding weapons blessed by the gods and anointed in the blood of countless Xenos and corpse worshipers alike. Once more heralds of endless night called forth the legions on the field of sacrifice.

“A darkness has washed over this land, the corpse emperors dogs lay dead and dying across a thousand battlefields. Their warriors assured in victory have left themselves exposed, they think that because their objective is complete they have nothing more to fear. But a tally of blood and souls must be met in the eyes of the gods, we must remind them that they are never safe! never truly victorious! Chaos has dominion over their lives, let us remind them of that fact.”

Under the gaze of the gods countless warbands pushed out across the field, with the loyalists unprepared they  smashed through defense after defense put by Corpse Worshipers and Xenos alike. Warriors representing the Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, and Dark Angels tried to hold back the Slaaneshi vanguard but even that was not enough, the host would not displease the gods and overran numerous refineries and outposts within the hour.

The Space Wolves of the Sons of Fenris and Vylka Fenryka were the most notable defenders, doing their best to hold back the grim tide that was scything through that world, holding valiant defenses here and there in what was a black tide of absolute destruction. The Templars of Caliban and the Praetorian Guard also made their presence felt. Ultimately however they could not hold back the hordes alone and were eventually overrun.

The Lash of Loesh, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion, and Nurgle infested Arkhona’s Chosen made up the bulk of the first force in and they continued to ravage the planets surface for several hours with minimal resistance, only late in the night did they fall back into the black cities and fortresses they had made on Arkhona with the plunder needed to succeed in another campaign.


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