Arkhona War Report Week 22

Loyalists started the week with a small increase, but dropped sharply into the midweek and continued the trend even with an uptick on the 26th. They only had one day of positive balance versus a single faction, the Eldar. The increased effectiveness of Bolters and the addition of Servo Skulls does not appear to have translated into territories held, even with the excellent progression of the Campaign Objective of total wins.

Orks have had a very strong week, climbing from bottom of the pack to on top and gaining X overall territories across the week. Most of their gains come from pushing back the Loyalists and holding the forces of Chaos to a stand-off. The second half of the week saw their best performance, with positive balance against all factions for the last 4 days.

Eldar had a very even week, with only one dip to the 24 territory mark. A weak end of week performance against Chaos and Orks was more than offset by strong gains against the Loyalists.

Chaos was the weakest of the three well performing factions, hovering just above 24 territories for most of the week. Their mostly positive balance against the Loyalists was often offset by losses against Eldar and being held to even ground by the Orks.

This week once again saw the three usual factions competing for their chunk of Arkhona, while the Loyalists struggled. The Territorial control rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 27%
Orks: 27%
CSM: 26%
LSM: 20%

Meanwhile, the TD30 Performance Rankings are:

Chaos: 64
Eldar: 46
Orks: 11
LSM: -120


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