Arkhona War Report Week 26

This week saw the Eldar continue their downwards trend, as their performance begins to mirror the Loyalists - but hope remains for them as their TD7/TD30 may yet stabilise. Meanwhile, The Orks continue to dominate, but appear to have peaked. Chaos is has a similar stabilisation, but at a lower performance than the Orks. The territorial balance as of now is: Orks: 27% (-0.1) Chaos: 26% (-0.5) Eldar: 26% (+3.1) LSM: 22% (-2.5)

Arkhona War Report Week 25

This week saw the slow rise of the Loyalists and the nose-dive of the Eldar.  Meanwhile, Chaos has continued it's steady pace, and Orks have regained their position as the dominant faction.  The territorial rankings as of now are: Orks: 27.1% (+1.6) Chaos: 25.5% (+3.6) LSM: 24.5% (+2.1) Eldar: 22.9% (-7.3)

Arkhona War Report Week 24

Loyalists once again had a generally poor performance, but marginally better than the last few weeks, and much more stable.  Their TD7 and TD30 have both reached an equilibrium of sorts, though both are still firmly negative.  While the daily average margin of loss has gotten smaller, it still rarely goes positive against any one... Continue Reading →

Arkhona War Report Week 23

This week has seen an unusual amount of stability for all of the factions, possibly the result of higher and most consistent player numbers. The Orks were clearly the most powerful this week, with Chaos and Eldar changing places a couple of times, and Loyalists continuing their tendency to remain below the quarter mark. The territorial rankings as of now are: Orks: 27.1% Eldar: 26.0% Chaos: 24.0% LSM: 22.9%

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