Arkhona War Report Week 23

Loyalists had a characteristically poor performance in terms of territory control, with the attendant characteristically good performance on the Campaign Objective. Their long term performance has stabilised about the -120TD30 mark, but past weeks TD7 is on a slight rise. They did end on a positive note, with a rise in territory holdings and an overall increase of two territories. Balance-wise they had the usual negative balance against all factions, but with the exception of Saturday did best against Chaos, holding them to even ground for two days.

Orks dominated this week, with a very consistent performance holding the most average territories all week unchallenged. Off the back of this, they managed to overtake the Loyalists to be the first to complete the Campaign Objective. They maintained a positive balance against all factions, although most of these gains were against the Loyalists while the Eldar and the forces of Chaos held them to much narrower margins or even ground. Overall performance wise, both their long and short term TDs have recently plateaued.

Eldar started in strong position, but quickly lost it to Chaos with a weak mid-week performance against both Chaos and Orks. This correlates well with the difficulty they had in progressing their Campaign Objective. They did not regain their position until the end of the week, but only through a drop in Chaos performance since they were only at even ground against the other two factions. Their long term performance has stabilised after dropping recently, but their TD7 is on a slow decline.

Chaos were essentially a mirror of the Eldar, beginning below the quarter territory mark, having a strong mid-week game, and then dropping off on the last day. This correlates well to their Campaign Objective progress, with a slow start, good gains in the middle of the week, and then being the third to complete. Their long term performance remains the strongest, but it has levelled off somewhat, and their short term has dropped to third behind Eldar. I suspect that Chaos has collected some of the new players, with a resultant small drop in the strength of the faction.

This week has seen an unusual amount of stability for all of the factions, possibly the result of higher and most consistent player numbers. The Orks were clearly the most powerful this week, with Chaos and Eldar changing places a couple of times, and Loyalists continuing their tendency to remain below the quarter mark. The territorial rankings as of now are:

Orks: 27.1%
Eldar: 26.0%
Chaos: 24.0%
LSM: 22.9%

Long Term Performance rankings reverses the position of Chaos and Orks:

Chaos: 53.0TD
Eldar: 39.0TD
Orks: 27.5TD
LSM: 119.5TD

This week also saw at least one Guild vs Guild competitive match-up: Bro vs IF. Three 20v20 matches on Medusa saw Bro successfully defend twice, but with all players a little fatigued, lost the third match. “Some great games and an awesome clash of clans. IF are a pleasure to fight against with much honor!!” -Bro-Dickie

Some videos have kindly been provided:


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  1. Well, it seems like CSM, Eldar and Orkz are still relatively balanced against each others in terms of “Faction Performance” with LSM being last as usual, probably due to them being the “Fanboy Faction” and therefore having a high number of new players.
    It would be interesting to see the stats for how many Rank 1 and Rank 2 players an usual match is made up off (the Ratio of “Newbie” to “Veteran” essentially), as I suspect the new F2P soft launch had the same effect as the Steam Early Access with LSM getting even more flooded with new players.


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