Arkhona War Report Week 24

Loyalists once again had a generally poor performance, but marginally better than the last few weeks, and much more stable.  Their TD7 and TD30 have both reached an equilibrium of sorts, though both are still firmly negative.  While the daily average margin of loss has gotten smaller, it still rarely goes positive against any one faction, and remains negative overall at all points.  This week they have had their best performance against Eldar.

The Orks had an almost flat performance, but were probably the weakest of the three non-LSM factions this week, remaining at only just over 24 territories all week.  As usual, many of their gains against the Loyalists were offset by losses or even ground against the other two factions.  This even but marginally good performance has seen their TD7 continue to drop, and their TD30 start to plateau.  Without some improvement, this will begin falling once again, and the TD7 is at risk of dropping to zero.

The Eldar started in a weak position, almost as bad as the Loyalists, but markedly improved over the week.  They jumped back up to positive territorial control shortly after the week began, and maintained it throughout until the last day saw them surge into the lead with nearly 30 average territories held.  Both TD7 and TD30 have a short term flattening, but a general upwards trend.  It appears that the Eldar have adapted to their new paradigm and are not only regaining ground, but are currently the dominant faction in terms of performance.

Chaos had the reverse performance of the Eldar this week, starting strong but falling off during the week before surprisingly dropping below the Loyalists on the last day – courtesy of the Eldar and the Loyalists.  Their performance began dropping against all factions mid-week, particularly against the Eldar in general, and notably at a loss to Loyalists on the last day.  While their TD7 had risen of late, it has dropped back again with this last week, and their TD30 has been on a decline for the last month.  In fact, for the first time this year, their long term performance has dropped below both Orks and Eldar.  The forces of Chaos are no longer the dominant faction on Arkhona.

This week saw the usual pattern of three factions duking it out and leaving the Loyalists behind, but also the upset of the Eldar overtaking Chaos in both performance and territories.  The territorial rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 30.2%
Orks: 25.5%
LSM: 22.4%
Chaos: 21.9%

The performance rankings are similar, although the LSM are still the only faction with a negative rating:

Eldar: 45.5 TD30
Orks: 34.5 TD30
Chaos: 32 TD30
LSM: -112 TD30



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