Arkhona War Report Week 25

The Loyalists saw a small but steady improvement this week, with one of the data points having them in the lead overall, but the daily average bringing them back down.  They have gained four territories on average, bringing them nearly up to the quarter mark of 24 territories.  Most of their positive gains were against Eldar, but they were also able to hold Chaos to slim or no margins.  Both long term and short term performance metrics continue to rise slowly.

The Orks have had a mostly even week, with a very slight downturn that has also seen their TD7 and TD30 flatten off for now although they remain on top for both metrics.  They had strong showings against the Loyalists for most of the week, but had a weak midweek game against all factions.  Most of their gains were against Loyalists, with small losses to Eldar most days, and holding the forces of Chaos to even ground.

The Eldar started relatively weak, peaked in the middle of the week, and then suffered a sharp downturn to fall to the bottom, with negative average balances against all three factions.  One data point on the 20th had them pushed back by the Loyalists to only five territories, but the second data point clawed back that defeat to a positive balance.  It appears that the newer players are trying out the Eldar and having trouble with the playstyle, while the effect of the Veterans players is watered down.  Meanwhile the Loyalist’s new players have ranked up and gotten better equipment, and are able to take advantage of it.   They are similarly hard pressed by Orks and Chaos, and their TD30 continues to decline while this weeks showing has dropped their TD7 to 0.

Chaos followed a similar pattern to the Orks, but with slightly lower numbers, with a dip midweek and recovery.  Eldar gave them the most trouble, going back and forth with the Loyalists, but maintaining even holdings with Orks for most of the time. Their performance metrics show a short term flattening, but the TD7 appears to have an upwards trend.

This week saw the slow rise of the Loyalists and the nose-dive of the Eldar.  Meanwhile, Chaos has continued it’s steady pace, and Orks have regained their position as the dominant faction.  The territorial rankings as of now are:

Orks: 27.1% (+1.6)
Chaos: 25.5% (+3.6)
LSM: 24.5% (+2.1)
Eldar: 22.9% (-7.3)

The performance rankings tell a different story, with the Eldar still on the decline but holding on to their ranking a little better than their territory.

Orks: 42.5 TD30 (+8)
Eldar: 32.0 TD30 (-13.5)
Chaos: 26.5 TD30 (-5.5)
LSM: -101.0 TD30 (+11)


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