Arkhona War Report Week 26

The Loyalists had a mostly flat week, with a small peak above the quarter territory mark in the middle of the week, but falling back by one territory by the end of the week. They fared well against the Eldar, holding them to even or positive territorial gain for all but the last day. With more mixed performance against Chaos, they were mostly at a deficit to the Orks. Their short term performance has a small downwards trend, but a clear upwards trend in TD30 is a positive thing for the Loyalists.

Although the Orks have lost a small amount of ground over the course of the week, they have had an overall even but positive week. Although most days have been even against Chaos, the exceptions have been in the Orks favour. They have pushed back both the Eldar and the Loyalists on most days as well, although the Eldar have given them more of a challenge. Both their long and short term performance metrics have plateaued for now.

The Eldar have continued their poor showing of late, but appear to have stablised at just under 24 territories for the most part, but did peak above it twice. Only three days had a positive balance against any of the factions, with Chaos giving them particular trouble, and performing the best against the Loyalists. Whilst their TD7 shows signs of recovery, it remains negative, and their TD30 continues to approach zero.

Chaos had a weak start, that then dipped negative with significant losses to Orks and then Loyalists. They recovered however, to the dominant position, only to drop slightly on the last day. Although the second half of the week was much better, they were held back to even territories by the Orks. Both their long and short term performance metrics remain positive but static.

This week saw the Eldar continue their downwards trend, as their performance begins to mirror the Loyalists – but hope remains for them as their TD7/TD30 may yet stabilise. Meanwhile, The Orks continue to dominate, but appear to have peaked. Chaos is has a similar stabilisation, but at a lower performance than the Orks. The territorial balance as of now is:

Orks: 27% (-0.1)
Chaos: 26% (-0.5)
Eldar: 26% (+3.1)
LSM: 22% (-2.5)

This is the first week where the end-of-week territorial control rankings match the TD30 rankings:

Orks: 57.5 TD30 (+15)
Chaos: 25.0 TD30 (+1.5)
Eldar: 5.0 TD30 (-27)
LSM: -87.5 TD30 (+13.5)


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