Arkhona War Report Week 27

The Loyalists put aside all the improvements they have made recently, with an overall downwards trend this week, especially during the start of the campaign. They lost 3.5 average territories over the course of the week, bringing them to the lowest point for more than a month. Although there were some positive balances against individual factions in the start of the week, the overall balance has been overwhelmingly negative. Their TD30 remains static for now, but their TD7 has been dropping since the 23rd March.

The Orks have lost their dominance this week, with a slow decline to a net loss of 0.5 average territories overall. They dropped off slowly as the week progressed, but managed a small rally on the last day to bring them back up over the quarter territory mark. They fared particularly badly against Eldar this week, especially on the last two days. Both their long and short term performance metrics are on the decline too, showing their overall weakening, but they do remain on top in terms of TD30.

The Eldar have had a week of both mediocre and stellar performance. They started well before dropping below the quarter-mark mid week with losses to Chaos and – surprisingly – Loyalists. The start of the campaign, however, saw them surge forward and sweep aside all forces to hold nearly a third of the territories. This is the most territory the Eldar have held since recording started. Their TD30 and TD7 are rising in lockstep, and their long term performance is rivalling that of Chaos.

Chaos itself has had a very mixed week indeed, with a quick rise to dominate the midweek, but continually declining as soon as the Campaign started. This was due to losses to Eldar, changing from wins to losses against Orks, and smaller margins against the Loyalists. Both of their performance metrics are on the decline, and they ended the week at the lowest point since December 9th.

This week has seen the Eldar surge forward to dominate the map, while Chaos has weakened significantly and Orks struggle to hold onto their historical lead. The Loyalists too, have fallen back, right when they were showing signs of improvement. The territorial control rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 32.3% (+6.3)
Orks: 26.0% (-1.0)
Chaos: 21.9% (-4.1)
LSM: 19.8% (-2.2)

Meanwhile, the performance rankings are:

Orks: 37.5 TD30 (-20)
Eldar: 17.0 TD30 (+12)
Chaos: 16.5 TD30 (-8.5)
LSM: -71.0 TD30 (+16.5)


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