Arkhona war Report week 28

Apart from one day, the Loyalists had a characteristically poor showing this week. That one day saw them drive the greenskins back towards their own territory, limit the Eldar incursion, and push into Chaos territory. Sadly, they could hold none of this ground, and ended the week with less than they started with, and the lowest point since January 19th. In the last few days, both their long and short term performance metrics have reversed their upwards trend.

The Orks have had a mostly good run this week, but had some trouble in the latter part. On the same day that the Loyalists pushed them back, Chaos claimed a territory as well, and the Eldar took quite a few. They were able to reclaim most of these losses but not all, but did end with more territory than they started. Their TD30 and TD7 are both still on the rise, but have slowed the rate of increase.

The Eldar have had their best week for a while, continuing a rising trend that began on the 24th of March. There were only two days this week that had a negative balance against any faction, and only one of those had an overall (and very small) negative balance. The Orks gave them the most trouble, but the last two days of the week saw them strong against all three factions. While their TD7 has dropped recently, their performance over the last few days has begun to improve that, and their TD30 continues to rise.

Chaos had a week of ups and downs that overall resulted in a drop in territories owned, TD7 and TD30. They did uncharacteristically poorly against the Loyalists, only holding territory from them for three days, and were pushed back by both Eldar and Orks for most days.

This week saw Campaign 5 play out, with the Eldar dominating both the map and the campaign, but the Orks hanging onto their TD30 lead. The Loyalists have returned to form, and Chaos has continued to slump. There was also an epic Eternal Battle between an alliance of The Wolves of Garmr and the Templars of Caliban and a Waaaagh! of Da Lead Belchas and Freebootas, Inc.
Read about it here. The territorial control rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 31.3% (-1.0)
Chaos: 23.4% (+1.5)
Orks: 27.1% (+1.1)
LSM: 19.8% (-1.6)

Meanwhile, the performance rankings are:

Orks: 41.0 TD30 (+3.5)
Eldar: 34.5 TD30 (+17.5)
Chaos: -1.5 TD30 (-18.0)
LSM: -74.0 TD30 (-3.0)


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