Arkhona War Report Week 29

The Loyalists had an extremely bad week, with the lowest recorded average territorial control of 13 largely due to being pushed back to a single contested territory by the Orks, although the beginning of the week saw them pushed back by the Eldar as well. They recovered much of their territory from the Orks by the end of the week, but the Eldar and Chaos still held them to an overall negative balance. Both of their performance metrics have taken a sharp downturn.

With their numbers boosted by the WAAAAAAGH!! of their campaign, the Orks have run roughshod over all of the other factions, especially the Loyalists, and have achieved the highest average territorial control since recording began: 40 Territories, or 42%. As is to be expected their long and short term performance has risen sharply, and they are now ranked well in the lead for both TD30 and TD7.

The Eldar began the week strongly, but while they continued to perform well against the Loyalists, they fell back against the forces of Chaos and were crushed under the green boots of the WAAAAGH!! They did, however push back firmly in the last two days as the Orks lost their momentum. This has lowered their TD7, but their TD30 has risen recently so hope remains for the dying empire.

Chaos has had a mixed week, with ups and downs against Eldar and Loyalists, but convincing losses against the green tide. Like the Eldar, the first two days of the campaign saw them taking heavy losses, but they pushed back firmly later in the week. Their long and short term performance remain negative, but their TD30 has stabilised and their TD7 shows signs of improvement.

This week saw the first Faction Campaign (for the Orks), which has upset the expectations for all the factions. The Orks saw a massive increase in population which resulted in large territorial gains, but this effect weakened shortly after the campaign was completed and the other factions are beginning to retake their territory. While the Loyalists were completely unprepared for the onslaught, the Eldar have been slightly better able to deal them than Chaos, but have recovered slightly slower. The territorial rankings as of now are:

Orks: 30.2% (+3.1)
Eldar: 25.5% (-5.8)
Chaos: 24.0% (+0.6)
LSM: 20.3% (+2.1)

The TD30 rankings are in the same order:

Orks: 93.0 TD30 (+52.0)
Eldar: 34.5 TD30 ( +0.0)
Chaos: -10.5 TD30 ( -9.0)
LSM: -117.0 TD30 (-34.0)


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