Arkhona War Report Week 30

The Loyalists have had a good week relative to their usual performance, with a slow rise from less than 16 Territories to just over 20.  This has resulted in their TD7 rising and their TD30 flattening out from it’s decline.  However, they still have not managed to rise above even ground with any of the factions, although they have managed to push the Orks back to a slim margin now that the Ork campaign is over.

The Orks had an extremely strong start of the week, even at the tail end of the campaign, but as soon as it was done, they slumped with losses to both Chaos and Eldar.  They did manage to hold the Loyalists to a deficit on average, even though they were dead even at one point.  They did weaken in the last throes of the campaign though, with their TD7 declining sharply, and they TD30 beginning a very small downwards trend.  The Eldar have given them the most trouble of late, both during and after the campaign.

The Eldar have had a good week, holding off the Waaaagh! at the start and then pushing the greenskins back once it was spent.  Although Chaos gave them some trouble here and there, the Eldar always kept the Loyalists to a good margin.  Both their TD7 and TD30 are on the rise again.

Chaos has had a mixed week.  Although they have held the Loyalists to a deficit all week, it has been a small one, and offset somewhat by losses to the Orks and Eldar.  This situation improve later in the week, as they managed to push back the Orks entirely and hold the Eldar to a slim advantage.  Both their TD7 and TD30 show signs of improvement.

This week saw the end half of the Ork campaign, and their decline once it was over is clear.  All three opposing factions benefitted from this, but the Loyalists the most, regaining 5 average territories.  The territorial rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 29% (+3.5)
Chaos: 27% (+3.0)
Orks: 23% (-7.2)
LSM: 21% (+0.7)

The TD30 rankings show the Orks still well in the lead:

Orks: 94.0 ( +1.0)
Eldar: 61.0 (+26.5)
Chaos: -13.5 ( -3.0)
LSM: -141.5 (-24.5)


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