Arkona War Report Week 31

The Loyalists have a terrible week, reaching close to their lowest daily average territorial control, with only 14 (the Ork Campaign saw them hit 13, but this was smoothed to a higher value by a later increase in holdings). The first half of the week was fairly normal low performance, but the start of the Chaos campaign has pushed them back considerably, though not as far as their worst of the Ork campaign. The other factions have had their usual effect. Both their TD7 and TD30 are on a significant downwards trend.

The Orks too have taken a hit from Chaos, but have maintained their presence on the Loyalist’s side of the line, and have managed to push the Eldar back into their own territory too. Their losses to Chaos however have been enough to push their overall balance into the negative, and while their TD30 remains the highest, it has been on the decline for the past week and their TD7 has dipped into the negative.

The Eldar were having a good week, right up until the Chaos campaign started, maintaining a positive balance against most factions most of the time. Interestingly, while they have been weaker against all factions since the campaign started, but have been holding the forces of Chaos back the best of all three factions opposing them. Unfortunately, their losses to Chaos have pushed both their TD7 and TD30 downwards. They are, however, still ranked second above Chaos.

Chaos, of course, has had an excellent week, turning modest early week gains into a massive push as their campaign kicked in. They have not done so well as the Orks did, and the Eldar are giving them the most trouble. Their TD7 and TD30 are both looking very healthy, with a steep rise in both. They have reached their highest daily average mark of 40.5, but it remains to be seen if the 5-day average will beat the Ork campaign-peak. When you compare the start of the two campaigns, you can see that the Orks got a jump start a day early, and rose very slightly higher. Realistically though, the difference is pretty minimal.

This week saw the start of the Chaos campaign, and the expected crushing of the other factions. The Eldar have made the best counter-offensive, but all three opposing factions are clearly in the negative balance compared to Chaos. The territorial rankings as of now are:

Chaos: 39.1% (+15.1)
Orks: 22.4% ( -7.8)
Eldar: 21.4% (-4.1)
LSM: 17.2% (+3.1)

The TD30 rankings show the Eldar and Chaos taking ground from the Orks and the Loyalists:

Orks: 81.0 TD30 (-12.0)
Eldar: 62.5 TD30 (+28.0)
Chaos: 32.0 TD30 (+42.5)
LSM: -175.5 TD30 (-58.5)


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