Arkhona War Report Week 32

The Loyalists had their typically poor week, but with some highlights where they nearly reached the quarter territory mark and the single day where they managed to hold both Eldar and Orks to even ground.  They have managed to severely limit Eldar gains, but were less successful against the Orks and pushed hard by Chaos – as to be expected during an official Chaos campaign.  Their efforts against the Xenos factions has seen their TD7 and TD30 begin to rise again.

The Orks have had an uncharacteristically rough week, comparable to the Loyalists.  They spent the whole week at an overall deficit, and although they managed to limit the Chaos push on four of the days, they had major losses on the other three.  They were also pushed hard by the Eldar for most of the week, and with the two lowest population factions this was hard to swing back.  The Orks struggled with Loyalists too, performing less well against them than usual, although they still managed to push into their territory for most days.  While their TD7 has levelled off, their TD30 continues to drop and they have relinquished their lead to Chaos for now.

The Eldar are currently in a holding pattern, and have performed the best against the Chaos Campaign, limiting their gains to a few territories most days and even pushing them back twice.  They also made some serious inroads on Ork territory, and held it.  They were, however, fairly even with the Loyalists.  The Eldar TD7 is on the rise, but the TD30 has been very flat for the last week.

Chaos has benefitted greatly from the campaign, and although they took much longer to complete than the Orks did, they had an overall better performance in terms of territory holdings.  They maintained a positive overall balance for the whole week, and against all individual factions except Eldar.  Their 5-day Average Campaign Peak is the highest any faction has been so far (36.3), and their TD30 is the highest it has been since December, although their TD7 has dropped sharply as the campaign has progressed.  Chaos is now in the lead for territorial performance, but it remains to be seen how long this can be maintained.

This week saw the second part of the Chaos Campaign, and the attendant domination of the map.  The Eldar held them off the best, and they weakened against the other factions as the week progressed.  The territorial rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 27.6% ( +6.2)
Chaos: 26.6% (-12.5)
Orks: 24.0% ( +1.6)
LSM: 21.9% ( +4.7)

The TD30 rankings are:

Chaos: 79.5 TD30 (+47.5)
Eldar: 46.5 TD30 (-16.0)
Orks: 46.0 TD30 (-35.0)
LSM: -172.0 TD30 (+3.5) 


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