Arkhona War Report Week 35

The Loyalists showed some small improvement this week, although with a mostly flat Territorial Balance. With a levelling off of this balance, and their campaign peak still within the last month, their TD30 has risen to a positive value for the first time since the middle of December. Unfortunately this is unlikely to hold, since the TD7 continues to drop after the campaign. They have managed to limit the Eldar and Chaos incursions more than usual, and pushed back the Orks on most days.

The Orks continue to have a terrible time, with an almost across the board negative balance, the one bright spot being a single day of positive balance against the Loyalists. Their low population makes the territory balance shift very slowly. The bulk of their losses were to the Eldar, which is also the slowest moving continent, so remains the most static. Heavy losses in this area are dragging the TD30 down because they linger for so long, though this may yet stablise along with their TD7.

The Eldar have done very well this week, dominating for most of it. While Chaos gave them a run for their soulstones early on, and continued to limit their advances, they pushed back against the Loyalists and refused to give already held ground back to the greenskins. With their TD7 the highest and rising, they may yet eclipse Chaos in long term performance as their TD30 also rises.

Chaos has had an uneven week, starting strong, with a weak middle of the week game that came back slowly to rival the Eldar. Most of their late week gains came from Orks and Loyalists, as the Eldar continued to give them trouble. While their TD7 remains positive, it appears to be flattening, and their TD30 as taken a sharp drop recently on top of a slight downwards trend.

This week has seen the Loyalists continue to drop after their campaign, but are perhaps stabilising, with the Orks very slowly dropping and remaining on the bottom of the charts. Chaos and Eldar are duking it out for prime position, with current advantage going clearly in the Eldar’s favour. The territorial rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 29.7% (+0.0)
Chaos: 29.2% (+4.2)
LSM: 22.9% (-6.8)
Orks: 18.2% (+2.6)

The TD30 rankings are:

Chaos: 97.0 TD30 ( -8.5)
Eldar: 72.5 TD30 (+18.0)
LSM: 1.5 TD30 (+30.5)
Orks: -171.0 TD30 (-40.0)


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