Arkhona War Report Week 36

This week, the Loyalists returned to previous form with an across the board negative territorial balance, the only glimmer of hope being two days of positive balance against Chaos and an overall limiting of losses to mostly one or two territories per opposing faction, with the Eldar giving them the most trouble. On a positive note, their territorial balance is on a very slight rise over the course of the week, and while their TD30 has slowed in its rising, so their TD7 may have stopped dropping.

While they are still in the negative as regards territorial balance, the Orks are slowly krumping their way out of the hole. While they have had some heavy losses to Chaos, they’ve been limiting the Eldar incursions and giving the Loyalists some trouble. Both of their performance metrics are on a slow rise.

The Eldar seem to be getting in some good killing practice while waiting for their campaign, with an across the board positive balance and dominating the map until the last day. They have mostly maintained strong gains against the Loyalists, but narrower margins against Chaos, and have slowly lost their gains against the greenskins. While they are still very strong, this weakening is reflected in a slight drop in both TD7 and TD30.

Chaos has had a week of extremes. With very favourable performance at either end of the week, they were considerable weaker mid week, and took a big hit against the Eldar on the 3rd. Most of their strength was against the Orks, with thin margins against the Loyalists and two losses, and mostly losing a small amount to Eldar. Their TD30 continues to drop, but their TD7 has stablised over the last few days.

This week saw the Orks climb back to near parity, the Loyalists improve very slightly, and the Eldar and Chaos trading off to a slight decline each. The territorial rankings as of now are:

Chaos: 29.2% (+0.0)
Eldar: 26.6% (-3.1)
Orks: 22.9% (+4.7)
LSM: 21.3% (-1.6)

The TD30 rankings are:

Eldar: 108.5 TD30 (+11.5)
Chaos: 42.0 TD30 (-55.0)
LSM: 18.0 TD30 (+16.5)
Orks: -168.5 TD30 ( +3.0)


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