Arkhona War Report Week 39

Shit, I knew I was forgetting something….anyways…

The Loyalists this week continued with their usual performance with a brief hope spot early on where they pushed back the Orks to even ground and held back Eldar and Chaos to small margins.  They fell back throughout the rest of the week, but the last day shows some sign of improvement – time will tell.  In terms of performance metrics, their long term rate of decrease is slowly down, and their short term metric is slowly rising.

The Orks had a rather flat performance, albeit a negative one – their low population is really showing with how little their territorial control changes.  The Eldar are the ones to push them back the most, while Chaos usually follows suit but has some off days, and the Loyalists are usually at a deficit.  Their TD30 continues to rise slowly, but their TD7 remains relatively stable.

The Eldar have had a mostly good week, with the exception of getting pushed back early on by Chaos.  They did manage to reclaim that territory, and pushed back on the last day.  They held ground from both Loyalists and Orks, but were unusually pushed back by the Loyalists on the last day.  While their TD7 is currently stable, their TD30 has had a slight decline for the past two weeks or so.  They are still clearly in the lead regarding performance.

Chaos was having a good week until the last day.  They took Loyalists territory, and did the same to Orks and Eldar for the first three days.  Unfortunately this success did not hold, and the fell back first against the Eldar and Orks, and then against the Loyalists too on the last day.  Their TD30 is slowly declining, but their TD7 has taken a sharp downturn.

This week saw the same picture we’ve seen play out for a while now:  The Eldar and Chaos duke it out at the top, the Orks remain stable but weak, and the Loyalists jump around but have overall poor performance.  The latter half of the week saw some switching around though, and the territorial rankings as of the 26th are:

Eldar: 28.1% (+2.1)
LSM: 26.0% (+1.5)
Chaos: 22.9% (-4.7)
Orks: 22.9% (+1.0)

The TD30 rankings are:

Eldar: 103.0 TD30 (-15.5)
Chaos: 60.0 TD30 ( +0.5)
LSM: -106.0 TD30 (-22.5)
Orks: -57.0 TD30 (+37.5)



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