Arkhona War Report Week 42

Very little has changed for the Loyalists this week, with a negative balance across the board, against all factions. The one bright note is that their performance metrics have stabilised for now, also against all factions. No details of significance presented themselves in the data, with very similar performance against all factions.

The Orks are still showing signs of slow improvement against the Loyalists, but fared less well against the Eldar, and particularly Chaos who they are losing performance rating against. Overall, their TD30 has stabilised for a week or two now, but their TD7 is dropping after it’s peak just above 0.

Apart from one anomalous day against Chaos, the Eldar have had solid victories across the week, with large margins against the Loyalists and decent ones against the Orks. However, their narrow margins against Chaos have kept their long term performance flat, their performance against Loyalists has also flattened, and it has actually dropped against the Orks. The Eldar have, after nearly two months, ceded dominance of Arkhona to Chaos.

Chaos itself has had a mostly positive week, with good margins against both Loyalists and Orks, but mostly losing territory to the Eldar except for one large push. While their performance against the Eldar has been even for a week or so, it has risen to positive values, and their performance against ORks and Loyalists continues to rise. While both performance metrics have flattened in the last few days, their performance has improved over the whole week, well enough to overtake the flattened Eldar performance.

This week saw dominance over Arkhona switch from Eldar to Chaos, leaving Loyalists and Orks to fight over the scraps. The territorial rankings as of now are:

Eldar: 30.2% (+1.5)
Chaos: 27.1% (+0.0)
Orks: 27.6% (+2.6)
LSM: 15.1% (-4.2)

The TD30 rankings are:

Chaos: 108.5 TD30 (+15.5)
Eldar: 96.5 TD30 ( -2.0)
LSM: -166.0 TD30 (-16.0)
Orks: -39.0 TD30 ( +2.5)

This report ends on a sad note, however. It it with a heavy heart that I say that this will be the last Arkhona War Report for a while, perhaps ever. With all of the other projects I have going on, the manual tracking every day, and the manual summary and chart embedding every week, has become too great a burden. A burden I am choosing to put down.

That said, these reports have accomplished exactly what I set out to do: answer faction balance questions with hard data, and provoke discussion. I’ve seen some interesting things. We’ve also learned a lot about the factions and how they perform. Some trends are now clearly evident.

The Loyalists continually suffer from their large population. More games with more new or less skilled players dilutes the effects of the veterans, and keeps their overall performance depressed. They are consistently the worse performing faction in terms of win/loss ratio.

The Orks struggle with their low population, since it makes it very slow to recover losses, hurting their long term performance. They are particularly sensitive to players leaving, especially the experienced ones. When given the opportunity however, they can be a serious threat.

The Eldar are one of the two big players. Their lower population seems to work for them instead of against, letting them hang on to victories longer to keep their performance metric inflated. They have however only enjoyed less than two months of actual dominance, playing second fiddle to Chaos for much of the time due to losses specifically against that faction, even while they dominate the other two factions.

Chaos reaps the benefits of a large population similar to the Loyalists, but do not seem to suffer so much from their new and less skilled players. They are the most consistent performers, and the number of times they’ve risen to dominance shows that. Their consistent wins against the Loyalists helps keep that steady in times of losses to the other factions.

Overall, it is clear that the unless something changes drastically, the fate of Arkhona lies with the Eldar or with Chaos, with Orks making a valiant effort to stay afloat, and the Loyalists left only with scraps.


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