Blackbolt (Sandy Green Fort)

Blackbolt Map.png

Map Type: Supremacy (Any point may be captured at any time.)

Features of note

  • There are two gates, but the one is already destroyed.  The one directly opposite A is intact.
  • There is a small trail at the top of the map that leads up a slope and bypasses the walls.  This can be used to go directly towards C.
  • Point B can be accessed from the roof via stairs.
  • Point C cannot be accessed directly from the ground, only from the roof of B or the building opposite.  B stairs are mirrored in the opposite building, as are a pair of elevators on the inside faces of the buildings
  • There is a door way to the outside of the walls at both A and B that can be accessed from the attackers spawn without destroying any gates

Blackbolt Image.jpg


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