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As part of the Player Morale Survey, I included a field seeking feedback on the reports I do weekly.  While I got a lot of positive comments (thanks guys, I appreciated them!) and some useful suggestions, many respondents took the opportunity to give general feedback on the game.  While I am in no way associated with Behaviour, and thus am not a good conduit for this feedback, I thought it was important to let these people have their voices heard.

The common themes of the comments were:

  • Confusion about how the World Map works
  • Not being able to tell what the name of the map was
  • Latency is a big problem for many
  • Loyalists are popular due to their equipment, but the players are considered a problem, especially the less experienced ones.
  • There is less polish on the Xenos factions

Some comments that weren’t part of the themes above were worth pulling out:

“The game is starting to get a bit repetitive. We need some new maps and game modes.”

“Make hotdogs come in 8-packs.”

“Star me in your next report!” [Ed. – call me?]

“There needs to be a massive map with at least 30 to 40 on each side and Tyranids, all fighting for a single objective but with side objectives to do. Think of Alterac Valley in World of Warcraft.”

“I honestly think the PVE content is lost in the clunky UI (e.g. people don’t know it is there). A good fix would be a quick tutorial for first time players showing off the War map.”

And these guys put so much effort into a “Short answer” question I couldn’t not include their comments:

“Jet bikes, Space Marine and ork bikes ork buggy different game types and jungle fighters please please please. and I would like to see more 40k lore stuff in the game and don’t give up you could do loads with this game and it would be great if you can put most units into the game from the 40k background although I doubt you will do this but really I’ve grown up with the games work stuff and I must admit I like this game its up there in my top 5 but I feel you guys are holing back you really could pull this one out of the bag Space Hulk is a big flop so don’t give up on this game even more so your now getting it on all platforms you really could milk this do deals with the games workshop crew etc I would love to get five years out of this game but if you give up now when there is so far you can take this game would be a shame one thing I’m not happy about is paying 40 pounds for a game I then had to spend more money on my dude to change his appearance that was a big thumbs down for me all the best ucking me again !!!!!!”

“Like many other games, this game has decided to take cater to a more generalized play-style. The simple fact that players can do all the classes, all the time, with death mattering very little, and without any specialization or path to really cement their play-style/class leaves a very shallow experience. Specialization is something that modern games have heavily phased out in favor of the “everyone do everything” mentality. This robs a game, and it’s players, of their “identity” in a way. This also makes balancing the game a mini-nightmare because every weapon/ability needs to be balanced around a “what if everyone switches over” mentality. For example, we could give vehicles 4x the health, but it won’t matter if the whole enemy team can pull an AV loadout, destroy the vehicle almost instantly, then all change back to different classes like it didn’t even happen. This also means a squad never has to “think ahead” and have a proper spread out squad weapon selection, or on the contrary to pick a specialized loadout and stick to a certain play-style, thereby robbing even more strategy out of the game. Balancing a vehicle around AV weapons that people would have to carry the whole match, or even just people who have AV on their chosen class, would make vehicles a much more sustaining threat on the battlefield and really make them “feel” like tanks until a true AV classed player comes to get them. It really affects how units feel and work on the battlefield instead of just “pull’em when you need’em”. More specialization, less Planetside 2 levels of “everyone can do everything.”

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