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As part of my survey of the playerbase, I contacted as many Leaders of major Guilds as I could find, based on reputation and size.  Of those contacted, 29 Guilds responded.  If you were not contacted, and wish to be included in the future, let me know.

The faction split in terms of number of guilds is very similar to the factional breakdown of the players themselves.  However, if the total members are taken into account (from the in-game Guild menu), then the Loyalists are a much larger proportion – of the guilds surveyed, more than half the population is Loyalist.

In terms of size, most guilds are either in the 21-40 active members category, or have more than 50 active members.  Future surveys will break this down further.  Most guilds have seen good growth in recent months.

The main focus of the guilds has, of course, been general PvP, but 11 of them focused on taking the fight to at least one of the factions specifically.  8 of them had some sort of focus on PvE.  Only one guild mentioned participating in official Guild vs Guild Competitive play, so at least one Guild has been missed from this survey.  Several other, though, did mention doing unofficial Guild vs Guild combat in the course of normal play, and enjoyed doing so.  Competitive play is something that is underused, could become more popular if the mechanism for organising it was simplified.  Several guilds have seen their activity and enthusiasm dropping off lately, and two of them are largely inactive until more content is in game.

Guild Listing

The following is a list of the Guilds that have participated in the survey.  Again, if you’re not on this list and think you should be, just let me know.  Guilds are grouped by Faction and listed in the order they responded.

Chaos Guilds

Scions of Magnus (SoM)

Guild Leader: Zial Ghoul
Recent Activities: Crazy warparties involving pure sorcerer shenanigans. Roleplay events. Major Guild v Guild events, though not official as the service is not in
Comments: Looking for an Arch nemesis guild ;), Looking for ever more Rubrics, and a way to convince Nathan to put in the cult legions

Endbringers (END)

Guild Leader: EvLTimE
Recent Activities: Having some “dishonorable” Dark Crusades daily and weekly. Causing salt 24/7
Comments: Lack of GvG games. Everyone afraid of it for some reason. Warning: most toxic group you can find [Ed. – Yes, this last was added at their request]

Lash of Loesh (Lash)

Guild Leader: Sigvald
Recent Activities: Massed warparties every Tuesday and Saturday to train

Lords of Arkhona (LoA)

Guild Leader: MaximusSevatarious
Recent Activities: We have had many unofficial matches where we would support SoL/AC against PG and other large and well coordinated LSM guilds
Comments: I think it would be prudent to ask each leader to give a listing of what ways the community needs/wants to improve.

League of Alpharius (xAWx)

Guild Leader: Lord MaximoXII
Recent Activities: 1 Hydra’s Assault (standard event) with more or less 12 people at the same time, 1 Pre-Christmas special event with a not-specific number of players throughtout the day, and 2 casual gathering with 6 people at the same time literally burning their way to victory in countless matches for at least 5 or 6 hours.
Comments: We are the second biggest Chaos guild for numbers, but it’s hard to get more than 17 people playing at the same time due to TimeZones and real-life stuff.

Siegebearers (IVSB)

Guild LeaderRoguespartan
Comments: Been feeling enthusiasm drop off for a while now.

Arkhona’s Chosen (AC)

Guild Leader: Elifas
Recent Activities: Full EOT community gaming nights since 2015 september till october 2016(over 200+ chaos players crossguild)
Comments: [At time of writing] AC is currently in stasis,once the moment is good, I will revive the guild with no problem. [As of 29 Jan 2017] Full EOT gaming parties, over 200 people active, unique guild banner + a welcome to big events,with over 150 people crossguild. Recently returned from AFK

Sons of Lorgar (SoL)

Guild Leader: Savage
Recent Activities: Just hosting warparties with my members to run in any games we find
Comments: More Ranks, promotions, rewards for guild members. As well as better means too contact and rally guild members who are in EC at the time.

Epsilon Night Lords (ENL)

Guild Leader: Helveticus
Recent Activities: Guild Events during the weekdays as well as training.

Loyalist Guilds

Templars of Caliban (ToC)

Guild Leader: Voronsky
Recent Activities: We are starting the “Weekly crusades” which last saturday to tuesday, in celebration of the new year and to kick start activity once again.
Comments: The ToC is open to anyone around the world, but we are predominate US EST based. Our focus is on squad play and comradery, which for us means to host an environment for leisure and for development of one’s abilities with others.

Wolves of Garmr (VI)

[Vlka Fenryka in-game]
Guild Leader: Ragnar
Recent Activities: We hold weekly tournaments on Garrison & promotion ceremonies also on Garrison.
Comments: This crusade will be coming to a close sooner for the Wolves rather than later unless we can make multiplayer more competitive. Too few game modes.

The Hammer of Arkhona (THoA)

Guild Leader: Hyperius Agrippa
Recent Activities: We hold ‘official’ events every weekend. I suppose a ‘special event’ would include our recent ‘Company Champion Tournament’ which we held in the garrison arena to determine who our greatest melee fighter was.
Comments: This game is best played when part of a guild/clan/company.

Epsilon Dark Angels (EDA)

Guild Leader: Brother-Atlas
Recent Activities: We have player events every weekend where we try and et our community together.

Angels of Death (AOD)

Guild Leader: Kestah
Recent Activities: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday operation nights for three hours of team play on voice. Nonstop squad tactical play, while having jokes and banter.
Comments: 3000 member gaming clan with 14 + games, free membership, 24-7 voice comms and forums.

Crimson Warriors (CW)

Guild Leader: Sanada
Recent Activities: Trainings, war parties, Christmas event we all grouped up and started defeating others.

Epsilon Imperial Fists (EIF)

Guild Leader: DeathlyHeals
Comments: I hate guilds that poach other members player base

Strike Force Ultra (XIII)

Guild Leader: Oculus
Recent Activities: Multiple Gaming Events usually 3 days a week, but to be raised in 2017

Vigilia Mortis (VM)

Guild Leader: Valrak
Recent Activities: We hold a weekly EC event

Praetorian Guard (PG)

Guild Leader: Kane101
Recent Activities: Boot camps, Weekly Ops night Friday 7pm EST

Eldar Guilds

Warriors of Prophecy (WP)

Guild Leader: Thanadeshe
Recent Activities: Every Sunday (not the 25th) 3 hour Training on PvP
Comments: We split in 2 groups of 10+ members to “cover more ground”

Myriad Shrines (MYST)

Guild Leader: Demetri Dominov
Recent Activities: Public and Community Events

Swordwind (SWND)

Guild Leader: Zed-Avatar
Recent Activities: Guild Raid(PVP) nights and meetings.

The Obsidian Tempest (OBST)

Guild Leader: Korlandril
Recent Activities: Before current period of inactivity weekly gaming events
Comments: Not recruiting at the moment. Inactive until further content added such as Terminators and equivalents.

Craftworld Biel-Tan (EC-CBT)

Guild Leader: KodiaVakiiel
Note: I was not able to find this Guild in-game

Seers of Ulthwe (SUL)

Guild Leader: Obliteratus

Ork Guilds

 Green Euro Tide (GET)

Guild Leader: Gruz

Da Lead Belchas (DLB)

Guild Leader: Thrakka
Recent Activities: I hold clan rallies daily. As well as meetings.
Comments: Ork’s need more work!!

Da ‘Ard Waaaghboyz! (WBZ)

Guild Leader: Krokilla
Recent Activities: Just daily WAAAGHS!!!
Comments: I believe smaller, closer knit guilds with an emphasis on teamwork and camaraderie are more successful!

Whiterun Community (WRCY)

Guild Leader: Warfar
Recent Activities: We hold guild events regularly, The guild joins a warparty together and we communicate and coordinate as we battle. We also have promotion ceremonies in the garrison.


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