Map Preferences

The most hated maps were the two Fortress Maps, Harkus and Agnathio, with almost half of those who answered the question choosing one of these two.

Most of the hated maps were equally disliked amongst the factions, but Zedek stands out as being hated more by the Loyalists than anyone else, and not being hated by Eldar.  Torias and Pegasus stand out for not being hated by Orks.

Olipsis is clearly the most enjoyed map, with almost a third of respondants preferring it to other maps. Most curiously, Harkus is not only one of the most hated, but the second most enjoyed. Likewise Zedek, which collected just over 10% of the “Hate” ratings is also the third most enjoyed.

Comparing the two charts is where some of the factional differences become obvious. Most of the “Enjoyment” ratings for Harkus come from the two Space Marine factions, and the bulk of the ratings for Zedek come from Eldar, who did not rate it as their “Hated” map. Most of the rest of the maps are enjoyed equally by all the factions, but Loyalists are the most likely to enjoy both Pegasus and Torias.

If you subtract the “hated” rating for each map from its “enjoyed” ratings, this combined rating can then be ranked to give a list of the maps from most enjoyed to least. This drops Harkus to the bottom, even though it is the second most enjoyed map, while Olipsis remains at the top. The chart shows that the “Enjoyed” maps are Olipsis and Pegasus, with Zedek, Blackbolt and Torias being marginal. Medusa, Maggon, and the two Fortress Maps are rather more clearly not enjoyed.


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