Player Morale

Enjoyment and Perceived Win rate

I have used Perceived win-rate as a measure of enjoyment not only because I don’t have the data for actual win-rate, but also because how a player perceives their win-rate is actually more important to game enjoyment than how often they actually win.

The enjoyment of the game in general, the enjoyment of December matches, and the perceived win rate all follow a similar distribution, but with general enjoyment rating slightly lower and perceived win-rate slightly higher.  I examined how enjoyment varied based on player location, but found no particular correlations.

Most people seem to be enjoying the game:  roughly 60% of respondents rated either match or game enjoyment at 4 or above.

Faction Split

When you consider how much each faction enjoyed their matches in December, the factions are fairly similar, with the two Space Marine factions almost the same, the Eldar enjoying things slightly more, and the Orks having the most fun and had the highest number of 6 (Great fun) ratings.  However, when looking at overall game enjoyment each faction tells a different story.  Chaos has the highest number of respondents who find the game “Rage inducing” but are otherwise weighted more towards enjoying the game.  The Loyalists have a much more central distribution, being less happy with the game in general, and have zero ratings of 6 (Great Fun).  The Eldar are much more even tempered than either faction, having more similar rating across the board, while the Orks appear to be having blast most of the time with the strongest weighting towards higher ratings and the least amount of “Rage Inducing” ratings.


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